Our Bats Were Silent Last Night

I don’t know if it’s the Husker pitching or just being off, but we need our offense to come alive tonight. Make some good swings and put the ball in play, maybe quit hacking for the long ball? And play good defense as we have all year, and we win last night! Those two plays by Battles and Lockhart gave a good team extra outs, which can come back to bite you.
Guess I saw us out of sync last night…both at the plate and in the field some.

When our defense falters and we aren’t hitting HR’s we struggle. We have relied on great defense, walks and the HR and won a lot doing it. But when you aren’t doing any of those and you can’t hit the ball, it’s a formula for losing.

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I expect DVH to switch up the batting order and the play more small ball to try to get a lead and then Bring in Kopps around the 6th

Moore back to leadoff maybe, with Goodheart down in the order where he might have some people to drive in?

Hoping Slavens shook the rust off last night and Franklin gets out of his recent funk.

It’s been relatively easy for the Hogs over the last few weeks (won 13 of 14 not including last night) and won six against Top Ten teams. There is just so much adrenaline to spread around. The loss will refocus them and we win tonight.


They didn’t swing the bats particularly well in the SEC tourney either. A pretty long funk

Swinging for home runs has been successful all year. Seems like it’s home run or nothing. Tons of strike outs. Bats have let us down.

Defense let us down last night more than bats IMO. Sometimes good defense leads to good offense.

It would help to let the high junk go on by to the catcher and Wait on something that you can drive. The old fly ball out syndrome is getting old too!
Have some patience and score with runners on 3B and less than 2 outs.

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Yeah Webb,Gregory or Moore leading off, would love to see Goodheart 3rd.would move Franklin to 6th… I think they start a LH tonight and if Welch is in I think he is due to unload…

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