Our adopted son is signing today at Hot Springs High

Not Hog news but great news for our family!

A few years ago a young man came to live with us. He’s had some tough times but he fought through it and will graduate from Hot Springs High in a few weeks.

Today at 2:45 he will sign a full ride scholarship to Itawamba Junior College in Mississippi. His name is Paris Harris and we are so proud of him.

When Paris was in the 9th grade a teacher told me he would never graduate and was headed in the wrong direction. He had over 20 offers from juco schools and has been an A&B student with a C every now and then the last few years. He’s the definition of not letting other people tell you what you can’t do!


Thank you Swine!

Nice, congrats.

Looks like he and Czar Perry were set to be teammates, but looks like Czar is now reclassifying and going the prep route. Wish Paris the best, never know may see him as a hog in a couple of years.

Good news, Razorback. Paris plays basketball. Any other sports?

Congrats and thanks for stepping up to the plate to help Paris.

He only plays basketball and thank you!

Thank you Rich!

Yep…he was excited to play with Czar…we played in the same conference with them this year. When I got home last night Paris said Czar still hasn’t made up his mind on what he’s going to do but he didn’t know about the reclassify thing.

Congratulations to Paris and you and family! All the best to him in his next challenge in basketball and academics. I know you will be there to guide him.

Comments: congrats! To first the young man Paris that persevered through his troubling past that only the Good Lord above, He, and you knows the many details . Also to you Sir, with a big salute, you put into action the words Love Thou Neighbor by meeting this young man where he was with Love. I’m humbled to read your praised report (story) and it suggests to me you clearly understand these young men worth, is more than the ability to run jump and shoot the basketball…

On a side note, I grew up in Hot Springs and my class of 1969 was the first class to graduate from Hot Springs High School, do you live in Hot Springs are the surrounding areas?

Great story Razorback and kudos to the young man. As an old HSHS guy and a human being, I am very proud of what you and your wife have done. My parents, many years ago, took in a young lady with a distressed home situation. I am proud to still call her sister 60 years later.

Thank you PJ!

Yes I live off of Lakeshore Drive about 2 miles from the high school. My mother graduated in 1955, my dad 1957, my sister 1977 and myself 1985 all from Hot Springs High School. All of my kids have graduated from HSHS and my youngest graduates this year.

Thanks so much for the kind words. I started a summer basketball team in 2008 just to try and keep kids busy during the summer. It turned into so much more than that. Just trying to make a difference and give back where its most needed. So many kids in our community are without fathers. Hopefully my family can help bridge that gap when needed.

Thank you Hog!

In the big scheme of life it’s stories like this that truly matters. The wins and losses come and go.

Response: Oh yes, I’m familiar with the area, although I have to admit it has been awhile since I’ve been back to my hometown, especially after I moved my mother down to Texas to live with us. You keep up the good work I know it is appreciated even if you don’t hear it offen enough…


That is wonderful news. Congratulations to Paris for his hard work and to you for giving him a nurturing environment to accomplish his goals.

Fantastic! Tell the young man CONGRATULATIONS!!!