Our achilles heal is our point guard ball handling --------

--------------- more than three point shooting. We won despite our point guard play, not because of it. We were able the majority of the time, at least in the second half, to drive and get fouled, score, or dish the ball but at least a third of the time we had turnovers. It just seems like Devo, Lykes, and Notae (in that order) are almost a “turnover waiting to happen” when they are the ball handler out front. Lykes seems like the best ball handler but he is trying too hard to make things happen and that generates too many turnovers. Devo has to keep himself between the defender and the ball to avoid getting stripped, but, if allowed to go left, he CAN attack to achieve a mid range shot and that can draw defenders allowing him to dish to Toney & friends for easy baskets. Notae seems to work best when someone else brings the ball up and he gets it off a screen where he can use his 3-point shooting ability threat to blow by to the basket. When he has to bring up the ball he seems to struggle to get into the flow to maximize his power. I am not as worried about the three point shooting slump. They are learning to win without it so, when it does swing back the other way, we will be harder to beat then. Our lack of depth in numbers AND quality behind Williams can be exploited by future teams with deep frontlines. Especially playing away where Jaylin won’t get all of the close calls on blocks that he does at home. It will be a challenge to keep him out of foul trouble the rest of the season and he is our best player right now. Muss and his staff are pulling this team together with bailing wire and duct tape and they are improving, especially on defense. I think we end up in the top third of the SEC and go two rounds in the tourney which will be a very good season for this team. JMVVVVVHO


There’s never a good time to be out of control! That describes our point guard play. No

STOP what you’re doing and get us a Point Guard. I’ve just about stopped reading these threads.

You do realize (a) that we won the game by 16 points, (b) we only turned it over 11 times which is an acceptable number, (c) Devo, JD and Lykes combined for 6 of those 11 and (d) we’ve won three straight?


Muss is doing a great job dealing with his team’s weaknesses and strengths so far this season. We won but that does not mean that everything about this team is great and there is no need for improvement. JMVVVVHO

This team isn’t great but getting better. We would be really good with better point guard play but at this point we have all the bullets our gun is going to have. Hopefully you are right and we go 2 rounds. I would take it right now.

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Devo is specifically has turned it over alot this year, which I attribute to 1) he is now asked to handle the ball more than last year, and 2) He’s trying to do more with the ball when her has it.

Neither scenario is bad. For us to be good, Devos needs to be good, and he bloody well knows that. He tried to do too much. Makes risky passes. And while his handle has improved, its not where it needs to be.

JD and Lykes have a better handle than Devo…but they try top do too much too. Part of that is because I am sure they sometimes feel like “I have to make something happen…” and thus they press…

All in all…I am happy with the upward trend of this team. But any observation that we need better perimeter shooting and that we sometimes commit too many turnovers is not wrong.

I do think we are trending towards a conference record we will all be fine with. Not gonna predict the number of wins. But its gonna be well above .500 if you ask me.

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Devo needs to SLOW down, Robbie. Stop the awful dribbling and behind the back crap, and just move the damn ball. Hopefully his new tooth is a wisdom tooth.

I feel the same way about Lykes

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Agree, they both want to move like a blur, but neither of them have managed to do so without multiple turnovers. Lykes has the better handles but he is a blackhole ball hog.

What exactly is JD doing that’s too much? He basically had no help on offense the first 1/3 of the season, except for Toney. Arkansas wouldn’t have a hope in hell of making the ncaa tournament w/o him. Last 3 wins, JD’s +/- is +85. That’s an incredible stat.
I don’t understand the continued Notae bashing, and it’s not just this board either. The Devo and CLyke’s criticism is well-deserved; JD’s not so much.


We won against A&M, again, despite our point guard play, not because of it.

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Was true when Muss evidently did not press Tate hard to come back, and then was unable to improve in portal unfortunately.

Needed a few point guard type options this year it seems

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Not wrong.

Yea and it’s such a new revelation.

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