OUR 7 MISSING DL question

Is there a chance any can play next week? Does it depend on when they went into quarantine?

Assuming they were all out with quarantine, their return is dependent on when they went into quarantine and whether they tested positive or are out via contact tracing. A person who tests positive can return in 10 days. I think contact tracing keeps someone out 14 days.

If they can’t play, then we don’t need to play Mizzou and shouldn’t have played today.


Matt, tell me one more time how many people we were missing today and at what positions?

I am just sitting here pissed off that we lost a game we could have won. BD

Unfortunately, if we meet the minimum requirements/numbers of the SEC we don’t have a choice…

I really wanted to win this game and we needed it.

But, I wonder if we would have been better off playing it later in the year. We could have opted out. You could argue that we should have.

LSU ducked Bama, got an extra week and won because we decided to play without about 75% of a vital position group.

Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor.

We could not have opted out unless we lied about it.

We had too many scholarship players available to opt out.

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Are you sure? I was under the understanding that if it hit a certain position group and decimated it you could get relief.

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Yep, we had 7 scholarship DL, 4 is the minimum. Now, they hadn’t played much, but they’re on scholarship.

Ok. I stand corrected. That’s really, really bad luck. Even if 1-2 of our better ones (in addition to Marshall) play I think we win.

The DL subs didn’t play horrible. They were just worn out. It’s the difference in the game IMO.

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Even with the loss, and I hate losing, I am glad we played. Seems the Florida State Coach, who was popular during both of our recent searches took, what I see as a bad look, his opportunity to back away from a challenge. I think you build a program by stepping up not walking away.


We need the experience. Today, the subs got it. I’m just glad we have football in 2020.

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Excuse my ignorance. Did Florida State (which I realize is not in the SEC) get to opp out on pure speculation?

Clay’s list of missing players

Do you think Saban would play Florida with the same amount of defensive position players out as we had? No. This is a dirty league and win at any cost is a way of life. Being nice gets your teeth kicked in and that’s what happened to us.

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Florida State medical personnel didn’t like the information they were getting from Clemson’s medical personnel. That’s the explanation. Don’t know if the protocol in the ACC is different than the SEC.

There may be good explanation for the decision, so the following is a bit tongue in cheek, but I wonder how the FSU medical personnel feel about their team getting a beat down?

Do doctors like to get work, or would they rather go to the beach? Not a serious question. Just joking.

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