Our 4's

Somebody tell them to rebound and stop shooting…
They are terrible!

Well I don’t know if they realize the bucket they’ve made is the follow offensive rebound Cook made.

Macon, Beard and Hannah’s will take over in the second half.

Beard needs to pick it up. He’s had significant minutes but hasn’t attempted a shot, 0 boards, 1 asst, 2 TOs and 0 steals. We need him, especially his defense.

Barford is playing great - filled up the stat sheet. We need to run, run, run this half and get into OM’s legs. We will pull away in the last 8-10 minutes if we keep the pace up.

Imagine if we could rebound

We might be up 20

If we could finish a few inside and get a loose ball every now and then, we could have a little lead.

We’ve missed 5 point blank shots this 2nd half. We are playing well, but just can’t finish at the rim. Even Barford, who’s a great finisher, has missed 2 point blank shots. We just need to keep up the pressure. Those shots will start falling

I am getting really nervous about this game. We are letting them hang around.

Imagine if our 4s played D and were coached to rebound.

Need these guys to come alive down the stretch.

Yea, our coaches don’t teach rebounding at all they just roll the ball out there and tell them to play. That’s the receipe to win 24 games, be a lock in the tournament, and playing in the semi-finals of the SEC tournament. :roll:

Not rebounding is on the players on the floor, they have to box out and get physical, I don’t know how you manage to blame the coaches for that.

Our 4s don’t play D? What did Saiz shoot against our bigs this year?

I agree they had a very bad rebounding night but continuing to imply MA doesn’t coach them up is dumb.

They’re 6-1 in games decided by 5 or fewer points this season.

That’s not luck. The players have made plays down the stretch and they’ve proven to be a fundamentally solid and well-coached team. I haven’t heard much talk about how our coaches don’t care about FT shooting this season. I guess it’s because we are in the Top 25 nationally in the stat wirh some guys like Moses making big strides in that area.

Lastly, anyone who watches Trey Thompson and calls him terrible, as the OP did, is really missing a unique skill set that has been a big part of us romping through the end of the season and winning 7 out of the last 8.

He had 3 huge plays down the stretch in the last few minutes–an assist to Manny cutting for a layup late, a block from behind in the paint after a guy had turned the corner and a tapout to retain possession late, forcing OM to have to foul.

I thought Arlando played decently well in spite of going 1-5. Made some nice hustle plays. Dustin played poorly. Trey isn’t really a 4 but he’s by far the best player next to Moses.

Arlando and Dustin are now a combined 15-49 (30.6 percent) on spot-up jumpers this year.

With the way Thomas played, it wouldn’t surprise me if Bailey gets some of his minutes against Vandy.

I could see that. Minutes at the 4 next year are going to be really interesting.

Thomas and Cook should be better. How much of a leap does Adrio make? Does he develop his perimeter skills more and play the 3? Right now he’s got a long way to go and works with the bigs in practice.

What does Darious Hall play? Is he good enough to play right away? He seems like he could be a combo guy. He’s athletic enough (37-inch max vertical) and big enough (6-6 with a 7-foot wingspan) to guard 4s. His skill set appears to be well ahead of Adrio’s and he could probably play some 3, but his shooting (if its for real) at the 4 could be really, really valuable. If they get Smith to go with Barford, Macon, Beard and Jones, Darious may have a better shot at playing the 4.

Comments: Well said and that’s that :slight_smile:

Our 4s did play horriably last night. Cook hustles and makes up for it some but Dustin Thomas does not bring the energy and seems very unsure of himself. I think we need to get Adrio Bailey some clock today.

Great observation. While watching Hall in the Championship game, I was thinking how much he could have helped the Hogs, even this year. That Championship game was the first time I’ve seen him play. If that was a representative performance of how he’s played this year, he could really help us next year, at least offensively.

The amount of playing time he gets, may be dependent on how quickly he picks up the defense. I was very impressed with the way he played in their state title game.

Do you suppose Manny screaming box out was accidental?

Comments: interesting how tall is hall I’ve seen on paper 6’7 although you listed 6’6…on paper Garland is listed 6’6

I do hope Thomas and Cook take jump shots when they are open. Worst thing you can do as a player on the offensive end at this level is to pass wide open shots. It usually ends up hurting the offense and you end up with a bad shot with clock running out. Jimmy Counces of the world did not hurt offenses when there was no shot clock.

It is fortunate, at least for me, that we have a coach that wants guys to shoot when they are open, as long as they have shown that they have ability to make that shot. Thomas should attempt occasional three. I have seen him to make that with some consistency in warmups.