Our 2 freshman pitchers

Pitched like freshmen. Disappointing. Need big improvement from both for next year.

Both had there ups & downs this year. More ups than downs, however we don’t want to see the downs this time of year, especially on the big stage.
I foresee some verbal coaching from the staff and players assuring them they still have confidence in both. Bounce back in Omaha.

We need them in Omaha. Wooooo pig sooie

As Todd Walker noted, the ball doesn’t jump in TDA like it does in BWS. Throw strikes, pitch to contact and you’ll be fine.

Yes. Hard to hit homers there. Will bode well for them.

The problems for both of them these last 2 games are correctable. Nolan was up in the zone on nearly every pitch. Just a fraction of a second early on his release. Patrick just couldn’t find the strike zone with his fastball, probably overthrowing a little. His curve/slider was working well, but you can’t throw it every pitch to good batters and not expect them to hit it hard. I’ll bet our coaches straighten out their mechanics this week. I look for both to come back with good outings in the CWS.

I heard him say that & thought, “hey, I hadn’t thought of that. That helps our chances a lot.” I’m sure our freshmen will be nervous, but if they can throw strikes, I like our odds. It’s a big park for our hitters, too, of course, but we don’t depend on the long ball even as much as we did last year. Besides, most of those other pitchers are there for the first time, too. TT was there last year, but FSU & Mich haven’t been. MSU was there last year, but they’re on the other side of the bracket. I expect it will come down to MSU or Vandy for the finals on that side. I don’t know enough about Louisville to comment on their team. I’ll be surprised if Auburn gets to the finals, though.

The ball carries pretty well to right field there too, but not like BWS. Remember those two bolts that Fletch hit over the bullpen against TTech and Florida, and the rocket that the Molesters hit in game 2 after the popfly dropped.

Do y’all think Nolan may have been tipping his pitches?