Our #17

I’ve said for the last 3 games. As long as our 17 is out there, we will not get a win…

I just curious which other walk on would you suggest they pit out there since all the scholarship guys have opted out, are hurt or out with covid?

I agree he is getting picked on, but it is what it is.

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I agree. We are thin at a lot of positions. Hopefully it will get better next year!

I recall a couple of wins with him out there. Crickets on answering Dudey’s question.

I am guessing we just don’t have any options at this point. They are targeting him for sure everytime they need a play they target him. He got smoked by a RB on the play that should have been a TD. Still zero pass rush is a death sentence to any CB. I wonder if he will eventually move to safety?

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Yeah we have won one game mainly because of him. I suspect when we get a better pass rush he will play a lot better.

I’m asked a lot what to do; I say that unfortunately, he’s as good as we have now. Hopefully, not for too long.

Don’t think so, on a couple of wins. Maybe the Tenner game. Unfortunately for him, he had a “once in a lifetime” game at Ole Piss…

That’s the bottom line; no rush. I think Odom would love to do a lot more blitzing, but he has to get as many back to cover lanes, as we don’t have man to man coverage folks…

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He got beat badly once when he slipped and was probably beaten anyway, and then otherwise was. OK.

He was right where he needed to be on some other deep balls when they “picked” on him—3-4 incompletions when they took shots. They missed a big play on a gap in the zone with one of their better players. But, otherwise he was fine. Sometimes when you see him making tackles in the zone it doesn’t mean he has done anything wrong. I saw him make a few when he came off his guy to make the tackle.

And, really, where we got beaten in coverage today, as we have been, is in the middle of the zone. And that’s not surprising when you’re getting zero pressure and your LBs aren’t great in coverage.

But sure, blame it on the guy who has stepped up and given a yeomen’s effort and won plenty of battles under very difficult circumstances.

Nevermind that we were 0-10 on 3rd down, that we were horrible in STs again, that we gave up too much on the ground on 1st down, that the officiating was laughable.

Sometimes CBs get beaten. He isn’t getting picked on anymore than Jacobs was before he quit on the team.

But sure, blame it on “#17”.

If he’s the ONE reason we will never win, what does that say about LSU’s CBs who got burnt like toast? OMs? Miss State’s?

It’s just an easy, hot lazy take and ignores so many other things that are going on (no rush, no Dl, soft zone in the middle, 0-10 on 3rd down, no running game, giving up too much on 1st down on ground trash officiating).

But it’s not the least bit surprising.


When the QB can stand in the pocket forever, no DB is going to look good.


Nailed it notorious…nailed it.

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Respect your opinion. But it is what it is; he bites every time on backfield fakes. Lousyana didn’t want to wear out a good thing. Could’ve gone at him several more times, but they had the ability to run at will, so they did…

Clark was the beneficiary of a single great game in which he played zone and Corral was confused.

He simply isn’t athletic enough to cover SEC receivers 1 on 1. Many seemed to view Clark as superior to Jacobs based on that game. And when Clark replaced Jacobs, then Jacobs left.

But when you have zero pass rush, and have to blitz to try and pressure the QB, he simply gets beat badly 1 on one.

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That makes no sense whatsoever.

You have to evaluate the complete performance, especially if you’re going to say he’s the only reason we won’t win another game.

And no, he didn’t bite every time at all. That’s 100%, absolutely, positively, patently false.

They threw deep on (ie “picked on”) him several other times and he made the plays or was there and nothing came of it.

And there were a lot of other times they didn’t throw at him because he was in position.

He bit every time but LSU just said Nah, let’s not wear that out?? Hahahahahahah.

That’s funny.

He got beaten some and there’s room to criticize. But every time I get on here it’s the first thing I read. He’s not Sec caliber. We can’t win with him (when we have against one of the best passing teams in the country), teams are picking on him (when there are plenty of other players that are getting picked on every bit as much).

It’s an overstatement and it’s an overstatement based on stereotypes. He played better than LSU’s star-studded CBs-The Sec caliber ones that give up over 10 yards per pass.

But, yet, he’s the focal point, again. It’s lazy. It’s a huge overstatement. And it ignores the things he does well and the team concept. We got beat at the end (and most of the day) over the middle of the field).

And Clarke played the wide side with little help and played alright. But sure. We can’t win with him.

It’s just stereotyping. That’s mostly what it is. Because I remember Jacobs getting abused at times and you never heard a peep about him not being SEC caliber or that we couldn’t win with him.

Brown was getting beaten for 10 yard easy catches all day and doesn’t have the ball skills Clarke does and I haven’t heard a peep about not being able to win with him.

It’s just lazy and unfair.


On the incomplete LSU pass in the endzone that appeared to be a catch, was called incomplete, reviewed and confirmed incomplete during the TV timeout… Clark poked the ball out! He saved a TD there by never giving up on the play.

You can say it was a bad call & bad review, but the play was called incomplete on the field and confirmed by review BECAUSE of Clark’s tenacity!


He’s a hustler; and a keeper. The problem is he should not have to default as our starting CB, against top notch SEC WRs. It is what it is.

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Rack that up to Morris…

Yes and he and Brown also broke up another deep ball and he was step for step with the LSU WR who got hurt on another deep play and there were lots of times they didn’t throw his way because he was in position. He was fine. Not great, but fine. Plenty good enough to win despite being put in a position to fail (little or no help, no pressure on QB and covering the wide side against LSU’s best WRs and TE).

He got beaten once and slipped. Would have probably been a TD either way. That’s on him.

But chalking this loss up to him is weak and it’s almost completely based on stereotyping.

Lazy, typical, hot take stuff that ignores tons of other stuff that happened and players who were “picked on” as much or more.

Brown and the safeties and LBs (mostly Pool) gave up more plays and we were exposed again in the middle of the zone.

And, yet, it’s somehow 1 guy’s fault after every loss and people say he isn’t SEC caliber and we can’t win with him even though he is and we have (who was better between him and Brown and the LSU dbs?)

It’s inane and tiresome.


One last thing here: Lousyana’s 1st touchdown. They don’t get that on our 17 and what is the score??? One play a game can become very very important…