Oui Oui Pierre Strong

Or as they say in South Dakota, Peer Strong. Dude had a strong game in a losing cause against one of the best Defenses in the country(FCS or FBS) last night. Do you think our former coach missed the boat on this one? SMH when I look at the former Lion King and the Missouri guys. Not saying that any of them would be stars here, but they would certainly have contributed more than some of the guys he did give schollies to.

No way of knowing, but best I recall ASU or no other mid-majors offered.

I watched a good chunk of that game. Strong is a tough runner, especially at that level, ran through a lot of arm tackles to get to the second level. He’s got plenty of speed for that level, but I did not see plus-Power Five speed. Overall, I did not see a guy as good as Whaley or Hayden, or former Hog Maleek Williams for that matter, among the former regime’s RB recruits. He’s not far behind Williams, maybe a bit more athletic in some ways. You have to think about what those guys would look like playing on a good team at that level.

The good thing for Strong is that he will be able to be very successful at that level versus a lower end rotation guy if he’d gone to Arkansas or a Power Five school. He should have very good production numbers the next couple of years, and a chance to polish his game. So I think Strong might have an easier path to the NFL than some of those guys I mentioned. Whaley and Hayden in particular are not likely to average 20 touches a game next year, where Strong might get 25 a game, since he is the clear feature back for SDSU.

Nope, he’s playing at the level he needs to. He looked good, but there’s a reason he didn’t have FBS offers.

Nice to see this young man’s hard work and commitment working out for him at whatever Division FCS or FBS.
You will find NFL rosters across the league with multiple players from non FBS programs and perhaps this will be the case for this RB.
The ole saying still applies “You can’t measure heart”.

Go Hogs!

No doubt, that said, there are far more from FBS schools for a reason. It seems every school but one “couldn’t measure his heart”.

Happy for his success, but no, I didn’t and don’t see that as a miss.

At that level, the speed at linebacker and running back are well under SEC level.