OU wins softball super

9-0 final. Still a great season for Coach Deifel and the girls, and something she can point to in recruiting.

Good season. Proud of the effort. This weekend shows how far away Arkansas’ program is to being elite, but it is also proof that Arkansas has an up-and-coming program. Oklahoma never really felt threatened, which is why it has won back-to-back championships.

Its the start of something good. These type seasons lead to better recruiting and begin the cycle.

Awesome year.

Really proud of the young ladies. Great season!


OU’s superstar freshman, Jocelyn Alo, who leads the NCAA with 28 homers, is a graduate of James Campbell HS, my community’s high school where my children attend. The school has the worst athletic facilities in the state. No restrooms for any of the outdoor sites and no girls locker rooms. Alo played on three consecutive State Champions…her sophomore through senior seasons. Her HS coach is superb. His off season training program is best of any of our high school teams. Most of the girls are rather poor and play/ practice in horrible conditions but are tough as steel. Proud of our Hogs but also proud of Jocelyn Alo and her hometown Saber pride!