OU vs. Bama

Sooners blasting the Scum at Norman. Which is what happens when a 3 point heavy team can’t make 3s.


The Big 12 doesn’t have a bad team in it, but I’m still surprised that OU is beating Bama like this.


Yep live by the 3 you will most certainly die by the 3 but they’re defense has sucked worse than their offense has.

Yeah Basketball is the Big 12s claim to fame.


Moser is as good a coach as there is in the country. His teams always play very very hard


OU has Bama out behind the woodshed

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OU up 31 now

wow :open_mouth:

sure wasn’t expecting this

I’ve always liked Moser as a coach but I wonder why his OU teams are always so inconsistent? Sooners came into game with 11-9 record. Soon to be 12-9 but still…

Never saw this size margin coming for sure.

What we are looking at is a Bama team playing in the NCAA tournament. Oates - 2-2 / Muss 6-2. Oates needs to figure out how to beat a very good team when their 3s aren’t falling. He’s also got to recruit better defenders.

@neastarkie can you ask Joe Kleine his thoughts?

Yeah. He thinks you’re an a**. But that’s a universally held opinion.


In other SOS news, Creighton has gotten it back together and easily beat Xavier today.


Another personal attack. Shameful but expected when facts don’t fit a belief

Oh, it’s a fact you’re an a**. It fits my belief (and Joe Kleine’s. And if you don’t like having your personality so accurately described, don’t be calling me out with the @ sign. It invites the obvious observation.


Well since you know Kleine’s opinion on me, tell him his thoughts on Bama are as ridiculous today as they were three weeks ago.

You’ve got issues, pal. Get counseling.


I think this game is more about sustaining a high level over a long period of time. They are going thru the inevitable dip. I thought the dip would start in Fayetteville and it almost did. The dip shows in the energy level. Their defense was a strength. Last few games, the guys are not interested in playing defense. Driving Oats crazy.

I think they will lose to Vandy at home next before righting the ship at LSU.

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Please don’t involve me in your bullying of other posters here.

JUST STOP :raised_hand:


Oats has their attention now. If they lose to Vandy, I will eat this phone.
The fact that we have lost 2 straight to Vandy really pisses me off.
Those were terrible losses.
At least Kentucky lost at home to SCar. That is worse.

These Vandy boys play hard for Stack. There are down two bigs and still a tough out.

That is what we should be proud of. We are down our two key guys and still everyone worries about us,