OU-Tulane moved to Norman

Because of Hurricane Ida’s effects on New Orleans. The agreement was to play in Norman in 2024; presumably that will be moved to Nawlins.

reasonable adjustment. Too bad for Tulane, but I doubt it affects the outcome any.

I went through Hurricane Isaias last summer. It was bad enough as a Category 1. If I understood what I heard on the radio yesterday, Ida was like 250 times more powerful than Isaias. So far only one confirmed death. Thankful for that.

The storm knocked down all of Entergy’s transmission lines into the city, and otherwise screwed up electrical lines all over the area. Power is going to be out down there in a lot of places for at least a week and maybe several weeks.

There is also a problem in Jefferson Parish and elsewhere with water main leaks/breaks, so water and waste water are also going to be a problem for a few days.

The re-vamped levee system appears to have held pretty much everywhere. Still lots of flooding because of the volume of water that fell in addition to water being forced inland by the storm.

Isaias knocked out my power for 8 hours, but fortunately it cooled things off enough that the lack of air conditioning in August wasn’t a big deal until the power came back the next morning. No problems with the water supply, etc.

No such luck in NO and environs.

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