OU, Texas not coming to SEC until 2025?

I was never one of those who thought the move could be made by next fall, but I did think it would happen by 2023.

This note claims that the Sooners can’t afford the Big 12 buyout, and Texas can…but refuses to fork over to pay OU’s tab as well…and cannot come until the Sooners are able to join with them…so, at present, still 2025.

I remain optimistic that something can be worked out sooner (no pun intended) than that…with the new teams coming over to the Big 12, it would seem to make sense to get scheduling in order and “move on”…but I guess we’ll see.

The SEC wouldn’t consider forwarding some funds from TV money and other revenue to make this happen? How about a grant from ESPN if the interest in OU vs various SEC schools is so compelling?

I’m not sure I care if they come before 2025 or not except I’d kinda like to know as soon as possible what kind of segments or divisions are in store. The Orphan 12 might forgive some of that money to let them leave sooner since it now has 4 new teams coming in. It might get inconvenient to deal with TXOU for just 2 years.

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I’ll be shocked if they have to stay in a conference that does not want them anymore for three more years… I think something will probably be done by 2023 but we will see

If OU and Texas finish 1-2 and play in the title game next year, something interesting might happen and the Big 12 turns them loose. Or not.

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Serves them right. Three more years in purgatory highlighted by screw jobs from refs and replay officials. Funny to me.


I second and third that. I loved Kansas shouting SEC to the Shorthorns. It has not been a year yet and both SEC newbies have had their storied football programs having to do a gut check. Cannot wait until they get that on weekly basis.

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I’ve posted this here in other threads, but I don’t think the SEC ADs want to share the media revenue until after the new ESPN agreement takes effect in 2024.


Good point, and one I had not really given much consideration to.

Administrators say go, go… football coaches say no, no. Everyone loves the money, but the reality of getting treated like just one of the SEC crushed as opposed to King Kong is sinking in fast.

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I’m still trying to get my head around the schedule next year, whaaaat, it’s gonna get tougher? :sunglasses:

Kansas does not want to see Texas fall off their schedule. Hard to find easy Power 5 games like Texas.


Well played Clay….well played!

Oklahoma trailed Kansas at half. In fact Sooners did not score in first half. So it applies to them, too.

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I have the same thoughts and it couldn’t happen to two more deserving programs - lol

But yes I’m still hoping this will lead to something that benefits Arkansas

Looking forward to playing Texas (spit) every year

Texas could probably afford to come early but not OU. It’s about the cost paid to the B12 to leave. 2025 still probably when it happens.

Plus, SEC schools don’t want to split the pie until the money pool grows with the new contract. I guess that’s 25.

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Unless ESPN is willing to bake a larger pie before 2024 when they take over the CBS package, that’s probably true.

Yep…as Matt pointed out in this thread about a week ago. I hadn’t really thought about that aspect until I read his post, but he makes a good point. However, I think if everything else (i.e., the Big 12 came to terms with OU and Texas on their departure) was worked out, I suspect ESPN would also accommodate in some manner to get those new marquee games sooner than later.

That’s a point Hunter made this fall.