OU Scored 3 More Points that the Hogs vs Bama

I’m not trying to say that OU was only a FG better than the Hogs this season, but these scores show me how difficult it is to be top-tier competitive in the SEC. Surely the Hogs would have won at least one game in the Big 12, on the other hand, it’s doubtful that OU would have won 9 (or 10) conference games in the SEC (especially the SEC west).

Alabama’s defense improved dramatically as the season went along, especially in the secondary. That secondary is all new and was still a little green when the Hogs played them. The Alabama secondary did not get beat on the wheel route after that game. I believe the tight end wheel route in particular hurt Alabama in that Arkansas game. It was covered in the games I saw against Alabama later. I’m sure that other teams tried based on that tape.

Sorry, but I doubt if our team this year would have won three games in the old AIC.

I was very impressed with our offensive game plan against Bama more than any team this year but I also realize that Bama was much more focused and ready to play against Oklahoma than a one-win Arkansas Team at 11 a.m. in the morning.

That’s another reason I’m leaning towards Clemson. I think Bama was out to prove that “dynamic” OU offense wasn’t as good as many thought. I think they’ll have a letdown against Clemson. I’ve said before I think Clemson is good enough that Bama HAS TO bring their A game. If they don’t, Clemson will be NC

I covered the old AIC. That was a different era and a different type of player. I can tell you that linemen were in the 250 range. And that was for the bigger ones. Defensive ends played in the 190 and 200 range. I’m talking about the late 70s and early 80s. That’s the old AIC in my mind. I do remember that Sam Coleman was an exceptional athlete. So was Monte Coleman. But there weren’t many like either one of them.

I covered the Ken Stephens team that went to the national title game and lost to Texas A&I. I was gone from Conway during the Harold Horton days.

I get your point. Now remember, neither one of those coaches lost hardly a game to anyone else in the AIC. UCA had much better athletes than the other teams in the AIC. There was quite a drop off in talent below them. So finding three teams that could beat a weak SEC team is a reach.

Arkansas was not good at all these year, but c’mon.

Yes, that was hyperbole, but we flat were not good this year.

I forget the name of the player from the AIC who was all pro for the LA Rams, and I played for LRJC and we did beat most AIC schools, but lost to Arkansas Tech and Southern State.

I believe you’re thinking of Eddie Meadors…at least I believe that was his name. Don’t forget Cliff Harris, who was also all-pro at safety for several years for the Cowboys, after his playing days at Ouachita.

Yes, you are correct, I could not recall the names.

Our game plan offensively for bama was our best of the year

That being said, if they had played their first team defense the entire game w the same intensity they had against ou they would have beat us a lot worse than they did.

We might have beaten aic teams but we couldn’t beat lower tier teams not even power 5 this year. I keep seeing all these teams run the spread and we don’t look anything like these teams. One of the worst offenses at Arkansas ever, maybe worse than the peanut Adams offense.

I’m ready for coaches to let it all hang out. If these kids can pass college courses surely they can learn an offense. It’s football, not biology.

Don’t forget Roy Green from Magnolia and Henderson, who had a long NFL career with the Cardinals and played both WR and DB. I saw Roy play in high school and he was a stud, but at that time JFB didn’t recruit much in extreme south Arkansas and neither did anyone else in D-I. I’m pretty sure he would have been a D-I recruit today, maybe SEC caliber.

That we put up 31 on Bama has to be encouraging with the recruiting class we have coming in. 4☆ DL and WRs and an improved OL should pay off. We definitely need to follow up with a great 2020 recruiting class. An improved record next year will get a lot of attention and, hopefully, recruiting and on-field sucess will begin to snowball.

The AIC has produced other pros. Pretty cool to see football at that level. Those dudes played the game because they loved it. Not much publicity ever came their way. Fun to cover them. Unspoiled is what I’d say about them.

Monte Coleman played at UCA & was a pretty good LB for a lot of years in Washington.