OU Not Yet Releasing Chandler Morris

That family apparently can’t even execute a transfer correctly. OU doesn’t want him going to TCU, intra conference. Didn’t we clear that beforehand?

I thought that schools could no longer hold up transfers. I suppose i was wrong.

Good question and I don’t really know.

The way I understand it is - when the immediate eligible rule goes in, there will be no way to stop it.

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Still don’t understand how a coach can say that immediate eligibility within conference is"bad for the game" when coaches do it all the time

Do as I say, not as I do. And many, many coaches are control freaks. Can’t stand for something not to be under their control. They can’t stop a kid from leaving, but if they can control where he goes, they will.

Riley does it a lot. In conference, Mayfield (under Stoops, from TTU). Murray and Hurts from SEC schools. Not a fan of this hypocrisy.

Have to wonder if OU holding up a transfer would turn away other players who are considering going to OU. Not a good look for Riley & OU.

Not until said players want to transfer out sometime down the road… being new recruits, they are wide-eyed and convinced they will start quickly.

Plus, I think high school quarterbacks view OU as an elite QB destination, given all the recent Heismann winners and runners up. It would take a lot more negative pub, likely, to hurt OU quarterback recruiting.

Think issue is within conference and immediately eligible. Don’t believe any of your examples apply.

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