OU/Jeff Lebby

Briles’s brother in law has a QB at OU who is accurate. Much like his QB last year at Ole Miss, Corral. This offense is deadly when you can run it and distribute the ball accurately to receivers on the run, who can catch it in stride and go. I hope KJ can improve his accuracy in that regard. I still think Burks smoothed over a lot of KJ’s mistakes. Burks would’ve caught that deep ball Landers missed last week, for example. KJ is great but he can always improve.

It would be hard for KJ to be any more accurate than he is. He was 18 of 21 last week with a drop that hit the receiver dead in the hands


Accuracy hasn’t been an issue for KJ, this year or last year. He only missed 3 passes last game and 1 was just a drop.

I’m not sure sure Lebby isn’t better than Briles, maybe not by much, but seems to have that knack for setting up plays better.

I’m more talking about accuracy in the sense that he does not hit receivers in stride like he needs to. He has been accurate from a numbers standpoint, I will grant that. But I’m talking about putting the ball where a receiver can catch it and go on stride. Rather than getting tackled. He’s made a few good throws, but not as many as he needs to in my opinion.


Yeah the scheme can make a quarterback look really good if it’s a lot of short little quick hitters.

This is a joke right? KJ’s accuracy has not been a problem. KJ completed 67.3% of his passes last year. The second BEST completion percentage in Razorback football history.

Through 3 games this year, he is completing 70.5% of his passes.

Not remotely a joke. I don’t gauge accuracy by silly percentages. You can spin statistics to say about anything. I use my eyes, and at times he is not very accurate, on certain throws. This post was originally made before the last game, and I will tell you he did a very good job on most throws against Missouri State. He is improving, and that’s good. Love him as our Hog QB.

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Saw some great in stride throws the other night…several.

woops, didn’t read your full post before I posted. I just recalled you bringing that up.

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