OU has jumped on A&M

Scored 3 in the bottom of the first & lead 3-0 in the third inning.

Yep he’ll learn to flip that little breaking ball in there on the first pitch, he didn’t get away with it, the guy was ready for it and he crushed it

4-0 now.

Really need TAM to win to put pressure on OU pitching staff.

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Yes we do. OU would have a big advantage over us if we both get to Saturday. Virtually all their pitchers would be fresh.

Not looking good for the Aggies. The only good thing about this, is that OU will be fresh for OM if we don’t make it to the finals.

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Yeah whoever makes out of our bracket will have to face a very rested Oklahoma staff.

Not happening through 7. Frankly, OUs pitching has been outstanding during this tourney.

Yeah and they have the worst pitching numbers coming into this tournament… you have to wonder can they keep it up???

Even if we don’t win, I want to face OU. Even if we don’t get to the finals, I want to beat OM tonight to make them be at least one game behind OU in rested pitchers.

I notice the Warren Nolan predictors (RI & ELO) both give OM a 55-45 chance of beating us tonight. Hate to say it, but that sounds about right. Fortunately, odds like that are set in stone. Teams beat tougher odds all the time. We just have to pitch & hit well–and maybe hope OM’s pitchers aren’t dealing.

Well, OU won 5-1. The paperclips will be well rested for the finals. If we advance, we’ll face a well-rested pitching staff. Of course, well rested doesn’t necessarily mean effective.

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