OU gets screwed by Zebras in Bedlam

As the game goes down to the wire, Oklahoma makes a back shoulder throw in the endzone and the OU WR is interfered with by the OSU defender. Pretty clear case of PI, but no flags leave any pockets. It should have been OU ball on the 2 with a 1st down and still about 8 sec to go in the game.

Granted I got no dog in this hunt and don’t care who wins, I just hate to see such a blatant PI not get called that changed the course of the game.

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With Texas and Okla leaving big 12 they won’t get any favorable calls.


I didn’t consider that angle PGHAWG1. You may be on to something there.


Text book PI. Arm around the chest of the receiver pulling him down and backwards while ball is in the air. Right in front of the official in the end zone. Baffled as to why flag wasn’t thrown, as big a game as it was with playoff indications, and on national TV to boot. Announcers and their referee specialist baffled as well.

I was actually pulling for OSU, but hate to see a game end on a terrible call like that. Leaves a bad taste.

That’s not the reason. Big moment and ref just blew the call. He didn’t see it. Again, I don’t know why some conspiracy always has to be injected into every bad call. The refs don’t give a damn about OU going to the SEC. They are just out there trying to call a game in a pressurized environment. Calls are blown. Mistakes are made.


I thought it was pretty poor play calling by OU after Williams’ long run. Everything was a throw to the end zone from 25 yards away. There was plenty of time to work the sidelines or the middle of the field beyond 10 yards.


Well on the positive side , I had a day of watching GREAT games, true my memory is going, but about as good as I can remember! Thoroughly enjoyed it. :sunglasses:


The really great thing about this is that if either one of them think they’re going to start getting the calls (as they are used to) once they matriculate over to the SEC, they are sadly mistaken. It will be funny to see them throw hissy fits once they see how the rest of us have felt for decades…lol…


Completely agree…my eyes are rectangular now, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching GREAT college football all day long…


Bingo! That’s been going on since the announcement was made public!

It’s always a great day when Auburn, Ohio State, and OU lose!!


different issue Matt, it was classic PI by all looks. Everything left in the game was going to change with just decent reffing by the books and what has been called for the year. I still think we should get a SEC asterik indicating we won the Aubbie game. If OU had won then we could be discussing Lincoln Riley to BR for awhile, not now.

Some in the Sooner media have been claiming all year that OU has been getting screwed by the refs.

I definitely thought it was a horrible non-call on the pass interference at the end last night. (Though I don’t care for OU, so I was fine with it.) Just showed me that, yes, officials are often “influenced” into making calls one way or another, for whatever reason.

Quarterback draw would have been deadly.

And three refs had chance to call PI on play in question, not one. Bad.

don’t forget my most hated team/yell leaders/fans-the Gaggies. what a great great day of college football!


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Tsk, tsk. Really a shame Sooners got a bad call. Good preparation for life in the SEC.

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OU WRs like to hand jockey if covered. They get the benefit of the doubt like Bama WRs do - perfectly comfortable with a no-call. The officials in that game (like most) are not afraid to throw a flag from 25 yards away if they see something - plenty of eyes said, “let them fight it out.”

Why people can’t accept this is beyond me.


Agreed, speed of the game and incompetence are the biggest factors…

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