OU game thread

I’m with ya. Half of the TV taken up with them talking about ancient history.

At this point, CJ jones is a liability on both ends

Bill Walton is senile, all he is doing is free associating. I finally had to “mute” the game.

We’re educated on Volcanos however! :shock:

Refs stink. Gafford had position and just got hacked

I’m glad someone besides me thinks so. There have been some crappy calls

Terrible, haven’t got a close call yet

Amen. They’re splitting the scream while those two are talking about everything in the world but the game. Annoying as hell.

This game, WOW.

That was a good win! WPS!

Bill Walton SUX!

Won by 9 on a neutral floor with crappy officiating. That’s a heckuva win.

What a great game. This team is so much fun to watch.

Macon, Barford and Beard were really good.

In control wire to wire.

Great win against a very good team!


Bill Walton loves the hogs tho it’s all good

Walton certainly is interesting. My first thought was, what is he smoking?

Won by 9 on a neutral floor with crappy officiating. That’s a heckuva win.
[/quote]This…maintained their composure when it got dicey with 9 minutes left.

Still too early to be looking at this stuff, but right now our RPI at live-rpi.com is better than North Carolina’s. We’re 20th, the Heels are 21st. (Four SEC teams ahead of us – Aggies, Bummer, Misery and Kentucky).

Bill has an appreciation for the Razorbacks, I think he’s ok a little dingy but ok.

Thomas had some turnovers early but then settled in and provided quality minutes.

Trey is great facilitating the offense but there are times–especially like today against teams with an athletic front court–when he is a liability on defense and on the boards.

Dustin mixed it up and got some key boards and also did some nice things on the offensive end drawing some fouls when he had a bigger, skier guy in him.

He also runs well and helps on rotations after traps are beaten, initially.

If we can get rebounding and defense like that from him, consistently, with occasional buckets and FTs he will be an important part of the team.

He’s unconventional, has some good things to say about the Hogs, and is passionate about the Grateful Dead. What more could you want? Y’all ought to listen to the guy a little. He’s interesting. Love him.