OU game thread

I’m here in Portland. Pretty cool setup with the two gyms side-by-side. North Carolina up big late on Portland.

Macon’s cooking nicely. And Bill Walton is driving me nuts. But we seem to have borrowed the radio guy from the UConn women. I guess they couldn’t get Brett Dolan to work Thanksgiving, and Chuck has to do football tomorrow.

Macon & Barford on fire

What did they call Gafford for? I heard CMA asking, “What did he do?”

Walton is crazy but you have to admit giving the hogs great pub, and unlike most at a neutral site he’s very informed on the players and team

Yeah he really likes Mike Anderson. Unlike his ESPN colleague Jeff Goodman who refuses to admit MA can do anything.

Trae Young is a stud

Dustin Thomas still making dumb turnovers and poor life decisions. Bailey and Gafford need to stay out of foul trouble

This is our pace. I suspect we will pull ahead at the 7 to 10 minute mark as in the old days if this continues

Apparently this is OU’s pace as well.

No matter how this game turn out this is going to be a fun team to watch this year. Very very athletic, can run with anyone lots of experience, seeing some really good decision making.


This is one hell of a game.

This is similar to the old days

LOL, yea Walton won’t stop talking about Macon. Macon’s on fire though. Just wish he would have slowed down on that last possession he tried to do too much.

Dustin did have a few head scratching turnovers, but I expected that being his first game back. He looked alright, he’s being very active hopefully he plays better in the second half. Also, we need to get some Trey/Gafford lineups going in the second half.

If he starts to find Gafford when he drives it is over

I was screaming at my TV for that lineup right there at the end of the 1st half

Ya give it to Dan. Trey leads in assists too.

They can’t afford to do that at least until halfway through the 2nd because of the track meet taking place…

You don’t want both gassed

Can we just watch the game. Walton & company is killing me.

I was thinking same thing, I can tune him out when talking, but why does camera have to be on him. So annoying.