OU barely survives

…a mediocre Butler team at home. I’ll be really shocked if Arkansas loses to OU Saturday in Tulsa.

Hog team is rounding into form. Good shot selection, great passing, solid D, strong rebounding, solidifying that 7-8 man rotation.

Jaylin is becoming the scoring big we all hoped he’d become to go with his passing and rebounding.

JD gets better every game. Most complete, best all-round guard in the SEC.


Might want to check that again.

Gigantic choke from OU, blew a 13pt 2nd half lead and a 4pt lead with :90 left in OT.

I thing will surprise me! The hogs need to improve!
Take better care of the ball!
Knock down the free throws!
Continue the rebounding it’s been great.
Heck it would be nice to see the hogs get hot from 3!
OU beat Florida but that might not be that spectacular since Florida lost to Texas So.
I think the hogs will beat OU!

Whoops! Got ahead of myself I guess. Definitely feeling another Hog win this Saturday.

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I watched the first half of the Arkansas game and second half of Oklahoma - Butler + OT

Florida must be really bad to lose to OU……but we know that now

Arkansas takes care of the ball pretty well for the most part. Many of the TOs are trying to make homerun plays. 13 total TOs with our uptempo style is pretty good actually

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Oklahoma hit a three with 1.8 seconds left in the regulation to force OT. Butler won 66-62 in Norman.

We just need to take care of our business. Nobody thinks we have played anybody so far. I’m not so sure I’m all in with Muss’s scheduling strategy, but you have to keep beating the next team up. Go Hogs!

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Yep. Arkansas is better than OU. Should be a Hog win. Should be, if Hogs play smart and execute Muss’ gameplan.

The non-con schedule has been okay, not great, but okay.

I really don’t have an issue with any of the non-con opponents Arkansas has played so far except for UCA. Arkansas had no business playing UCA. A better opponent should’ve been scheduled.

I don’t see any problem with playing UCA. Every team is going to have some opponents that are overmatched on the schedule. Nolan’s championship team beat Montevallo by 68 in the middle of SEC play.

It’s an issue is if you play too many of those kinds of teams. I don’t think Arkansas does that under Musselman.


I honestly think Muss and Hunter overestimated the interest in playing the in-state schools. This is a one horse state, obviously. I get why they scheduled those games, but I also get why Bama jumped over us this week. They blew out Gonzaga in Seattle, while we basically played no one. I know what Muss and Ruta are trying to do with the schedule, but quite honestly, it is boring. Play someone good on real TV!


Arkansas should only play one in-state opponent per season. Either Little Rock or A-State. Stay away from UCA and UA-PB. I get the scheduling strategy as well, but these games generate little to no fan interest.

You don’t? Really?

Something to keep in mind: I’m pretty sure Musselman inherited the agreement to play in the Hall of Fame Classic. I know he inherited the plans to play in the Maui Invitational next year. When you have the possibility of playing the types of teams that are in those events, it affects the way you schedule and limits marquee games elsewhere.

We probably would think differently about the schedule had Illinois beaten Cincinnati in Kansas City.

I hope we never play A-State! Their coach is a D bag that doesn’t ever deserve the chance to play the Hogs!


Muss didn’t inherit the UCA game. That game is the only issue I have with the non-con schedule.

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If a team is going to have a set number of games it knows it will win, I don’t see any reason UCA can’t be that rent-a-win. A bad team is a bad team. Beating Bellarmine isn’t going to be any more entertaining or help the strength of schedule any more.

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I don’t think Arkansas should be obligated to play two cr###y in-state schools in one season. Play one or the other, but not both. UA obviously got pressured into scheduling both UCA and Little Rock and that’s bullcr##.

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UCA was really, really bad. Shouldn’t have been scheduled IMO. Again, just my opinion. I don’t want this to turn into some big argument, so I’m out.

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I get what you’re saying. Matt, but this is a Top 10 program again. Muss has built it up to that, so he should schedule accordingly. Obviously, nobody cares about playing the in-state schools, and I’m quite sure that everyone is sick of having to watch our games on ROKU. I know I am. And as far as Montevallo, Coach Richardson agreed to that game as a favor to Brad Dunn…just ask him.

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