OU and UT and SEC basketball

So, does the OU & UT announcement mean the two join the conference for 23-24 basketball season?

No I think the start date is June 1, 2024.

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The start date is July 1, 2024

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Yep, the Fallopians and Zero U will be in for 24-25 season.

I guess Zero U is good for now but I would hope something might evolves that has the truer polyester feel. Depletion U might have served well in an earlier time when oil wells flowed freely from beneath your neighbors land…perhaps something that depicts those house trailers flying through the sky in a tornado

Mobilehoma U still applies

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Good, I was worried by the Zero U…maybe a market study is warranted before they arrive…I do like the image of polyester tastelessness embodied in house trailers.

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I still go with The Paper Clips

Paperclips is good. I was trying to remember that earlier today and couldn’t. Too little sleep last night, I think.

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I’ll always refer to them as BlowU.

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