OU and UNC notes

It may not have looked like it, but we held OU to under 1 point per possession. In fact, Fresno was more efficient against us. I have a feeling that those defensive numbers will hold up well in our efficiency ratings this season. OU can put the peach in the basket.

The numbers show how you don’t have to be good everywhere on D as long as you excel in a couple of areas. OU gashed us inside for 61% on deuces. That was partly due to a tradeoff of guarding the perimeter. The Sooners only managed 28% on treys. We gave them nothing on the glass, turned them over at a high rate, and did not foul excessively. We won possessions and FTs decisively. That added up to a nice defensive performance.

OU emphasizes guarding the interior and held us to 40% on twos, but we torched them from the arc for 9 treys on 50%. The FTs and extra possessions were the difference, though. A season high 82% from the line was key. We also did enough on the offensive glass to win the rebounding battle with a +9% in ORB% differential.

As for UNC, so far this season they don’t have a weakness on O against a solid schedule. The new challenge for Arkansas is defending a good shooting team that is one of the best offensive rebounding teams in the nation. If we can get defensive boards and punish them in transition, that will help.

Only one opponent has managed 1 ppp against their D. Like OU they force low percentages inside and give up little on the boards. Their weakness has been defending the arc, giving up double-digit treys in three of four games. We aren’t free shooters. The Hogs probably need CJ and Beard to knock down multiple treys in this game. Will we have the legs to do so? UNC has a significant advantage in rest. We would have had a better chance playing them first.

are what concerned me when I first saw the bracket.

I feared we might have to expend a lot of energy/emotion to get past OU, whereas they’d be able to cruise to victory in their first game and rest their guys. :frowning:

You are also spot on that we would have given UNC a heck of a game the way we played yesterday.