OU and Texas to SEC in 2024

Yes I heard him mention that more than one time…

That crowd against Texas two years ago might very well have been just as loud or it sounded like it on TV…

Well I trust your judgment on that Jeff I don’t keep up a whole lot with that but it does make a lot of sense. You need to be able to play in everybody’s backyard and that will happen if they go to the format that’s being discussed now.

Good. And true.

Georgia-Auburn, Georgia-Florida, Auburn-Bama, and Bama-Mustard can’t all happen with pods. That’s five teams.

Correct. And no doubt Bama will want to keep Auburn & Tenn as permanent rivals. Tenn seems to have a bigger dilemma. I could see it wanting to keep KY, Vandy, Bama, & UGA. Something’s got to give.

I’m guessing EME keeps KY, VU and Bummer.

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Jalen Hurts said 2010 game in Fayetteville was the loudest stadium he has ever play in.

Jalen Hurts was in middle school in 2010. That was Greg McIlroy. Hurts played in RRS in 2016 and 2018.

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Opps reading about the eagles, One of those moments :blush:

Ed Zachary


I’ve been telling you guys that the pod idea has been dead for a year or so now. That ship has sailed.

I’m glad it no longer a thing

Watched Sankey on Finebaum this afternoon and he seemed to rule out pods.

Correct on the instate games. At this point, it’s like hoping for a blizzard in Little Rock in July.

Ain’t happening.

I figure the odds of Georgia being our permanent game from the East is about 100 to 1.

It is highly likely we won’t even have “divisions”. Just 3 permanent opponents and an every-other-year home and home rotation with the rest.

Then the 2 teams with the best conference record will met in the SEC Championship game.

Divisions are pretty much dead, and so are pods. Divisions keep teams apart (i.e., Georgia has never played at A&M). Whether EOE and Mobilehoma joined or not, they were going to find some way that you see every team in your stadium more often than every 11 years.

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