OU and Texas to SEC in 2024

Just announced on SECN. They cut the deal to get out of the Little Dozen early.

In possibly related news, the SEC has distributed nearly $50 million per school for the fiscal year that ended last August.

The Athletic is reporting Zero U and EOE are coughing up a combined $100 million to get out.

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Aloha Jeff,
Thanks for the news.
Big time moment for the SEC and NCAA. Hogs better ramp up. Most especially in football. EOE-A and OU both recruited top 10 classes this past season. Now that their move to the SEC in 2024 has been announced, expect their recruiting to only get better.
I have confidence in all of our sports except football in being able to consistently hold their own against EOE-A and OU. The challenges for CSP have only increased. Hopefully CSP will get the support he needs.
Be very interesting to see if the Hogs can make changes to their non-conference schedule starting 2024 to soften the impact. Imagine OU, EOE-A, Bama, Auburn, etc…AND Notre Dame. Oh boy.
UA…Campus of Champions

They’ll have to, Guy. Everyone expects 9 conference games and we have 4 NC games on the books in 24 and 25.

24 – UAPB, Okie Lite, UAB, La Tech
25 – Misery State, ASWho, Memphis, Notre Dame.

My guess is UAB and Memphis go away, but I wish we’d drop the two in state games.

One correction though. We don’t need to ramp up. They do. We already know all about the league where they slit your throat and drink your blood. And Texass has a long history of highly ranked recruiting classes that did nothing.

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Exactly Jeff. OU and UT have had great recruiting class ranking for many years to not have anything to show for it in a weaker conference. They are in for a rude awakening I think. The ARk Texas game in 21 should have been an eye opener for the shorthorns bc that kinds team is every week in the SEC.

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Good to hear.league is going to be more insane than it already is,especially in Baseball.


Yeah… tough times ahead for the SEC West. Brutal is an understatement, Luckily, we ae playing semi-pro football these days so maybe we can buy us a good team.

Well we are 5-2 in our last seven games with the Horns going back to the last SWC game in 1991 (I think it was). So they don’t scare me that much. But they do have resources coming out the wazoo so that is a lil concerning in the NIL era…

This is one time you and I are in complete agreement, Jeff.

I’ve been saying the same things since the move was announced a couple of years back. While both OU and Texas are deservedly respected brands in football, if we are not playing them we’d instead be playing (Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Florida, Tennessee, A&M, Auburn, Ole Miss, etc.). So at this point, to us, it’s just another day in the SEC.

But for the 2 newcomers, it’s “welcome to the gauntlet” where there are no weeks off. It’s THEY that will have to step up. Doesn’t really change our world other than we have a couple of new venues in the travel rotation. But from a competitive standpoint - we’ve already had the most difficult schedule (on a 5 year rolling average basis) in the country for the past 15-20 years. Just another year for us.

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I will be interested to see how OU and UT adjust to just how athletic and physical the SEC is on a weekly basis.

Can’t wait to see the shock and awe for both fan bases and their media after a few games in Hell’s Kitchen.

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Our schedule gets EASIER, not harder. Replace Bama every other year with Texas or OU? Win. Now it’s entirely possible that the rotation will shake out that one year is brutal (Alabama and Georgia for instance) and the next is merely ridiculous, but that’s life in the SEC. And getting rid of the current SEC West annual gauntlet and getting more Vandy and Kentucky and Poultry? Also win.


Given our history with the SEC officiating , I would say that the new members will find getting calls go their way will not be the same as the Big 12. SEC needs to improve for sure but the hugh fan bases give home field a big advantage in SEC and officiating goes with that. I have a feeling they will get a taste of that too. I have not seen where they get to bring their own officials too. :sunglasses:

Remember when Texas A&M entered the SEC? There was a bunch of bravado talk on this Forum about owning the Aggies and the Aggies will always find a way to lose due to our previous success in the SEC.
What’s been our record in football since the Aggies joined the SEC? Approximately 1-10? And which team has played like Aggies of old, always finding a new way to lose the game?
Thus my concern of playing the Longhorns and Sooners in the SEC. CSP needs full support to elevate the football program and the challenges are only increasing with the addition of EOE-A and Sooners joining the SEC. They historically recruit better in Texas and now they can sell playing in the SWC.
The butt whipping by CSP and the Hogs in 2021 was a wake up call for the Longhorns. They are entering the SEC with wide open eyes. OU will be likewise.
UA… Campus of Champions

The Aggies had to step up their game, and they did; the timing of Johnny Manziel’s emergence was excellent but purely accidental, as no one had any idea he would be that good. More to the point, we took several steps back.

Of those losses to the Aggies, three were in OT, one resulted from a tripping penalty, one from a doinked field goal and six were a one-score margin. They’ve been getting the breaks. Time to turn that around.

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That is true but they will still experience LSU at night for the first time and the list goes on. There are lots of rivalry type games back to back and you better have QB’s and depth. They will fare better in other sports and likely hold their own in football but it will still be an adjustment. There is a price to be paid to get all the tv money.

Hogs have treated the Aggies better than they deserved in games played at Jerry’s World and last year was just the latest in the long line of disappointments.

I am not getting too worked up over the difficulty of three permanent rivals because the other 6 rotating will even everything out.

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What a SHOCKER! :sunglasses:

Sounds like we’re going to find out pretty soon if we have a 4-team pod setup or have 2 or 3 permanent rivals with rotations among the rest. I’m hoping for the latter. Unlike many, I hope one of our perms is Mizzou.

Like Swine, I hope we drop the instate games in 24 & 25. Also like Swine, I know that won’t happen.

That’s a very valid point. We have played in all the venues and we know all about the different fan bases. Texas and Oklahoma are going to be in for quite a shock.
I will never forget when we smoked them 2 years ago, early on in the game when things were going our way big time, they flashed into the crowd and you could see a pretty little Texas girl rubbing her temples because it look like her head was hurting it was so loud LOL… well we were incredibly loud but there are other venues that will have 20 or 30 more thousand then we can put in there so it’s going to be quite a shock for them to be able to see what that’s like.

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Greg McIlroy still says the loudest stadium he ever played in was RRS.

From everything I’ve heard, pods are dead. You can’t maintain the old rivalries with pods.