OU 5-star recruit ruled ineligible

Seems to have some legal problems. (Why does it not surprise me that the Paperclips are involved in this?)

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://www.si.com/college-football/201 … ineligible”>https://www.si.com/college-football/2018/10/24/oklahoma-commit-spencer-rattler-ruled-ineligible</LINK_TEXT>

If he doesn’t go to OU next season it could open up for Kelly Bryant…as much as I enjoy Sooners having issues, I don’t want them to lose this guy.

You actually think OU will turn him down? This is the school that took Joe Mixon with video evidence that he broke a girl’s face.

Back in the Switzer era, the joke was that OU recruited players by giving each of them their own convenience store to rob. Which was all too close to the truth, given their history with the police.

Swine, what is the meaning behind the term “paperclips”? I grew up in southeast Arkansas…our closest neighbor were the folks from Mississippi. Thus, my complete disregard and lack of feeling for Ole Miss.

The OU logo looks like a twisted Paperclip

They are also known as mobilehoma and zero u … or if you go to a recruiting event at the Catfish Hole they are known as NO (ou upside down).

Some people also call them the Gooners. But my favorite soccer team is Arsenal FC, known as the Gunners, which in the north London dialect often becomes the Gooners. So to me a Gooner is a good thing to be. A Paperclip is not.

Let them have him. As wrong as CBB was in recruiting, he did have one good statement concerning recruiting, “You recruit your own problems.” The problem for him was too many of his recruits were more of an on-field problem than off-field. They don’t have to be either.


Led on to the field by Medium-Game Bob. Oh wait, he gave the gig to Gomer Pyle.

Stoops was heavily critiqued in OK media for winning a lot of sorta-big games, but failing for years to get back over the hump. Maybe a bit of sour grapes, but I enjoy poking at the Goon squad any time I can.

I’ve always assumed that the term came from the fact that the interlocking “OU” emblem (that they wear on their helmet, for example) looks similar to a paperclip - especially back in the day.


Exactly. I tried to find a paperclip at Casa SF I could bend into that shape but no clips to be found.