OTOH--I like the new unis!

Let’s use them again–often.

Sorry but they are one and dones. Novelty items. We lost, they get tossed. Back to real school colors. I did think they looked good. Would make a real nice uni for Henderson State.

The jerseys were nice…helmets and pants no.

I don’t like any uniform you get beat it. Toss them out

If that’s going to be the rule, there won’t be any uniforms left at the end of the season.

Wow, Dudley. That is cold!:snowman_with_snow:

Best dressed Losers on the Field!

Maybe there is an Espy for that

The fixation with flashy uniforms is a symptom of our misplaced priorities IMHO

Winning creates the threads players want to wear - I’m not convinced players who pick you for a flashy uniform are who we want

Only exception to this rule is the US Marines and what we have Are Not Marines


We hear all week about the uniforms and granted they were a nice touch. However our head coach wears a XXXXL sweatshirt and looks like a bum. At least have some respect for the university and Mr Jones. Another embarrassment

I understood the reason for doing it and totally supported it. That said, any uni that doesn’t incorporate our traditional helmet, I don’t like. We have an iconic helmet. Leave it alone.

I loved the uniforms. The helmet was a disappointment.