OTL-Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

For all of us dog lovers out there, a friendly reminder, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show starts today.
UA…Campus of Champions

I’m a fan of Winston (the French Bulldog). His owner/handler is one of the nicest people showing dogs.

always watch the Springer Spaniels as that is the breed we had from the time i was 10 until about 9 years ago…now i watch the German Shepherds but realize i won’t see a white one like my two unless the rules are changed

I am sure Winston is a very nice dog, but now that French Bulldogs have eclipsed Labs as the most popular breed, my Labrador Retriever, Satch, is not a fan of any dog stealing his thunder. And his friend, our neighbor’s Golden Retriever, Winston, is not happy that any dog stole his name.

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I just want to see the terriers. High energy, intelligent, playful dogs from Cairn-sized up to Airedale and Bull Terrier size.

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