OTL-Pebble Beach GC

My family and I enjoyed a superb lunch Wednesday at the Pebble Beach Lodge Stillwater Bar and Grill overlooking the 18th green facing towards Carmel. I was observing the golfers tee to green on the 18th. Vast majority had some seriously ugly swings with horrible results which really surprised me considering how much they’re paying to play PB.
Anyway, one golfer really stood out. Had a beautiful, smooth swing. From the white tees, he sliced the fairway in half with a long drive, hit the green in two stopping pin high. He barely missed his eagle putt. He was the exception, not the rule. After lunch, we stopped by the starter’s shack and I enjoyed a great conversation with the Pro Shop Manager.
While discussing about PGA players playing PB, he informed me Freddie Couples played earlier today. Finished his round about one-hour ago. It was an “Ah-Ha” moment!
I witnessed the great Freddie Couples! Awesome.
By the way, according to the Pro Shop Manager, everyone except the PB employees have to pay to play, including PGA/LPGA pros unless they are practicing for a tournament at PB. Freddie’s round was paid for by someone in his foursome.
UA…Campus of Champions


Super level talent has that way of making things look so natural and easy, when in real life we mere mortals know better.

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