OTL Mother’s Day Brunch

Appreciate recommendations for Mother’s Day Brunch at NWA. Unable to find anything outstanding on line. Looking for quality shell seafood like steamed crab legs, oysters, shrimp, etc…with prime rib.
UA…Campus of Champions

It might be a little early yet for such offerings to be publicized. I would check at Ella’s Table. They often have special offerings.

Another possibility is The Hive at 21c Museum Hotel, just off the square in Bentonville.

They claim to have daily delivery for the freshest seafood in NWA:

Someone from the islands looking for great and fresh seafood in the heartland? Tough to do right. Good luck my friend.

Aloha Clay,
You are so correct, again. Been reviewing menus without any success. Besides lack of steamed crab legs and oysters, have yet to find any buffets offering true prime rib. Will continue to look.
UA…Campus of Champions

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