OTL - Making a father proud


I have a personal story to share with y’all…I feel like we’re all family here…

My high school senior daughter Leilani won the Hawaii State 100m and 300m hurdling championships last weekend at Maui. She’s very tenacious and stubborn. She came from behind to win both. Refused to lose during her senior year State Championship Meet. Despite having five coaches in four years and working with a dirt track, she persevered and lettered all four years and notched 40 varsity wins and four Conference titles against the best competition in the State. She’s had dozens++ of college offers to DIV II, NAIA and academic offers to DIV III schools. Her times are very competitive for those schools but not good enough for the respectable DIV I schools. (If you follow track, you know Arkansas’ recruits Olympic caliber athletes…literally the best in the world).
I asked Leilani where she wanted to attend college. Without a beat, she replied, “Arkansas of course!”
I couldn’t stop crying with joy. She will be third generation attending the UA.
So she’s finishing her track career on top and starting a new adventure at the UA.
An interesting tidbit…Leilani is highly interested in being a UA Women’s Track and Field team manager. I asked our very own DD to touch base with Coach Lance Harter who promptly called. Despite being incredibly busy coaching our nation’s top Women’s Track team, Lance has found the time to keep in contact with Leilani…just simply shows you the quality of coaches and journalists we’re blessed to have in our lives.
Finally, after every one of Leilani’s victories, I would enthusiastically call the Hogs…WPS! Come next Fall, Leilani will be calling the Hogs at Fayetteville!


You didn’t attend North Little Rock High did you?

Congrats to Leilani. You never know, keep working at it and she might be a competitor instead of a manager.

Awesome and heart warming. Wish the best for your family as she pursues
her goals while calling the HOGS!

Thanks for sharing with us! I’m proud for you.

Aloha Jeff,

1977 Graduate of NLR Northeast. We covered sports together while attending the UA.


Forgive me for being dense, but I just figured out who you were when I looked up Leilani’s results online and saw her last name. I know exactly who you are.

Thanks for posting, guynhawaii. Great story.

Proud for you and proud of your daughter.
Be ready for the next chapter, It’s really hard to turn off that competitive switch. Her being around some great coaching and some of the best track athletes at AR, who knows what the next surprise entails.

Great on both of you…

Proud for you and Leilani, Guy!

Catch any Humuhumunukunukuapua’a lately? :wink:

That’s a great story, thanks so much for sharing! My son will be a frosh at Fayetteville this fall, also.

And our family is going to Hawaii this July, first time ever-we are all very excited!


That is a great story! We don’t see enough of them these days

You have every right to be proud sir and we are thrilled you shared it with your Hog family here! Congrats to you and your daughter and look forward to calling the Hogs with her when I am up on the Hill!

Makes everyone proud. Thanks for sharing, Guy.


Hello Guy. This is great. Perhaps we will see more of you on the Mainland now or even catch a game together. Would love that.

Pam and I are really looking forward to making it back over early next March and hope to see you then.


What a wonderful story, thanks so much for sharing.