Otis Kirk

This is not meant to be a knock on him or picking on him just have a question as I’ve not really watched or heard him several years.

I just watched a video of him doing a recruiting report where he breaks down Arkansas’ two new commits John Ridgeway and Markell Utsey.

Has Otis been sick? Does he have a cold or battling the flu or some severe allergies?

He sounded like he needed to blow his nose so bad but he just kept snuffing it back up over and over while he talked. To the point I’d get the shivers ever time he did it. I hope he was trying to fight through an illness to do his job because if that’s his everyday way then that’s disturbing. I had to stop listening after a while.

Here is a link to the video -->

I watched him a couple months ago, and had the same thoughts and questions.

I hope he’s okay.

Something is wrong with his nasal passages. Its been like this since I can remember.

This is my opinion but Mr. Kirk exhibits symptoms of a past Transient ischemic attack aka light stroke.

The man loves recruiting and he devotes every day to establishing relationships with H.S. players & quantifying their true interests level in the Football Program.

He seems to be suffering badly from allergies. Whether he is taking anything for it or not, such as a non-sedating antihistamine and/or nasal steroid spray, those could be good first steps. If those don’t work, and it continues, go see an allergist. Anyone who is before the public regularly needs to be able to show up in a presentable manner, not off his deathbed. I do empathize for him, having had bouts of seasonal allergies.

Nitpicking to be sure, but transient ischemic attacks (TIA’s) do not result in lasting deficits.
That is why they are called TRANSIENT.

Any lasting deficit makes it a stroke with residual deficit.

Sorry, can’t help myself. It’s what I do for a living


He has been doing it for a while. I thought it was a nervous habit or something else he couldn’t control. He is a good dude so I try and tune it out by listening and not watching.

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