Other than Arkansas . . .


Always who ever the underdog is…and who ever is playing Bama, texas, ND, Penn St, Ohio state, and USC-W

[/quote]Yes - I’m also a member of the “whoever is playing ________” club, and your list is a good start on mine.

But for this thread, it’s more about who you root FOR, independent of who they are playing (unless it would do Arkansas good for them to lose, of course).

I’ve always liked Boise. Several huge upsets over the last 25 years or so that were some of the most fun games to watch I’ve ever seen.

I like Boise, too, anytime they are playing away from their home stadium. I know some like it but that blue turf is just ugly. Much prefer the alternating colors of UCA’s turf.

Miami Hurricanes…ever since Jimmy Johnson was the coach there.

I prefer green.

I agree wholeheartedly with that, but if you just have to colorize your field, do something a little less bold than the blue at Boise.

I grew up in Florida (although I was born in Arkansas) and have always followed the Florida Gators as my second favorite team.
I like the Naval Academy because my dad was a Marine and always pulled for the Navy against Army or anyone else.
I don’t really have a third favorite team, so I’ll just say that given no allegiance to either team in a college football game I will always root for the underdog.

I read somewhere they were having a problem with geese gathering on the field because they thought it was a pond. Good!

I spent some time around a former Hurricane. He played under Butch Davis and loves Butch. He didn’t get into details but was very clear how that program was out of control under Jimmy (in every way). I am glad Frank did not give him the Hog job.

Winning at any cost is not worth losing your integrity.

At least IMO.

Hogs first, always.

After that:

Harvard: Spent two years there in mid 70’s (MBA), Enjoyed their athletics.

Baylor and TCU: Live in Texas, root against the Big XII-II-II+II) state schools especially ut.

Alabama: Spent 12 years in Tuscaloosa

Alabama has always been college football to me. I was a kid when Bear Bryant was the coach. When I attended a game I was blown away by the atmosphere. The tradition to me is unmatched.

Richard, your response has me thinking about a different question: Who among you have attended a game at one of the sport’s “hallowed” venues . . . Alabama, Notre Dame, USC, The Big House at Michigan, Death Valley (Clemson), Happy Valley (Penn State), the Horseshoe (Ohio State), the Swamp . . . and, was it “all that”, or did you come away from the experience thinking it was over-rated?

Personally, I’ve never been to a game at any of the places I listed above. I have, however, been to multiple games at both Texas and Texas A&M, and I’ve got to say the game day experience at A&M is far superior to Texas, in my experience. I have also been to a game “between the hedges” at Georgia, and it was a pleasant, consummate “collegiate experience”, but I would not call it intimidating. Oxford, IMO, was over-rated. The tailgating in the Grove was interesting, but the stadium felt like an over-sized HS stadium to me.

When I moved to Tulsa in 1981, I became a fan of TU (basketball and football). Things have changed a lot since then. After Gragg hired Haith, I decided that I have no more interest in either program.

I will always pull for the service academies, especially Navy since Daddy was a marine. I used to pull for SWC teams when they played outside of conference. I find that not so true of the SEC. My “dislike” of several SEC teams keeps on in those circumstances. I did thoroughly enjoy my one visit to Tennessee and I’m more likely to pull for them.

Speaking of Tennessee, I’ve lived in Chattanooga for over 20 years. And I’ve attended all but 1 Hog football game in Knoxville since then plus several basketball and baseball games. Tennessee fans have been very nice and respectful of me and my family at all of these games (except for that one drunk frat boy). Plus most of my closest friends here are Vol fans. So my head tells me to root for them when they are not playing the Hogs (or the outcome does not affect the Hogs). My heart however will not allow me to root for them. I have no idea why. I have a hard time rooting for any SEC team (unless it helps us).

So I’ll go with UT Chattanooga. I’m good with the Mocs.

I’m like you, Wizard. I’ve never been to the big-name on-campus stadiums that you’ve named. I have had the privilege of being at the Cotton Bowl (it’s seen better years) when Oklahoma and Texas play. Seeing a stadium divided with burnt orange from one 50 to the other side and red from opposite 50 to the 50 is quite a scene. Plus, it’s played during the Texas State Fair, so you’ve got thousands other outside the stadium. It’s just a cool scene.

On the Div I level Arkansas is the only team I have emotional support for. Otherwise I also root against TEXAS, Alabama, ND, Ohio State and a few others. I root for TCU when they are not playing the Razorbacks because I have a degree from there and respect their program. I used to root for Baylor because I am a Baptist before their recent problems. I still follow the Arkansas D II programs, especially Ouachita and like all the old AIC schools except UCA.

Florida State because my daughter graduated there and I attended several games over the years… plus they have a good history of winning and the Noles hate the Gators almost as much as I do…

Was at the Swamp in 2004 for Razorback game. Fans were nice, girls eye-candy, stadium was a dumpster. The ramp going to the upper visitor’s section was like being in a poorly lit cave.

Default setting is the same for me. I have one other default setting, whatever is bad for the University of Texas. I haven’t moved away from that. I have that in my very core. I do sometimes wish for Alabama to fail. But I don’t spend much time worrying about that because there have been no chinks in the Sagan armor.

Whoever is playing OU