Other SEC teams

how are the other teams doing in the portal?are they having success like us or standing pat(LSU withstanding),with the new coaches…whats their recruiting looking like…keeping my enemies close

Very good question. I have wondered about this very topic.

How are the “other Blue Bloods” doing anyway? Muss is doing his part and very well. It’s a given that Muss is very good at multitasking. Muss has been laying seeds all over the country that is now bearing fruit. Coach has played that game against Baylor, and Duke over and over figuring just what he needs to bring a NC back to Arkansas.

Do we need to be a Baylor or a Duke? Not really somewhere in between…

QUESTION?? How in the world did I get a Mike_Tucker user name?

I looked around and couldn’t find just a whole lot to this point. Drop a note if you’ve seen any other commitments.

Trevon Brazile – Missouri
Makhi Mitchell – Rhode Island
Makhel Mitchell – Rhode Island

Justice Hill – Murray State
Trae Hannibal — Murray State
Kendal Coleman — Northwestern State

DeAndre Gholston — Milwaukee

Justin Hill — Longwood

Ole Miss
Jayveous McKinnis — Jackson State

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I saw Misery got a guy back who had entered the portal. Can’t think of his name

Based on what I’ve heard/read, this means LSU currently has 3 players on their roster. :laughing:

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