Other scores of interest (or teams we love to hate)

UGA trails Tarheels 6-2 going int ther 8th.

Florida tied with Central Michigan 5-5

Miami and Rebnecks scoreless in the second.

Vandy up 2-0 on San Diego

OM up 2-1 in the 8th.

Vandy up 8-3 on San Diego

UNC leads VCU 4-2 in the first inning (another slugfest brewing?)

Ole Miss wins 2-1. They’re in the championship game in Coral Gables.

Vandy adding insurance: 14-4, top of 9th.

UNC up 9-5 at the end of 2 innings. Yes, two innings. They have three homers already.

By the way, UNC’s head coach was ejected yesterday and got himself suspended for today’s games.

And Vandy wins

I can’t stand Vandy!

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UNC beat VCU in the nightcap, 19-8. Like us, they’ll be in winner take all game tonight,

Vandy beat Molester State to stay alive.

Florida beat OU, ditto.

Auburn-UCLA was suspended.

Southern Miss fried the Corndogs.

Tennessee is in the supers after beating GTech

Today’s games:
Ole Miss-Arizona at noon
Florida-OU at noon
Auburn-UCLA resumes at 2
Southern Miss-LSU at 3
Vandy-Oregon State at 3
UNC-VCU at 5
Of course, Hogs-Cowboys at 6

All of those are winner-take-all except Ole Miss and Auburn, who are both 2-0 in their regionals.

Speaking of teams we love to hate, I saw a video of a TN player flipping the bird to the Ga Tech outfield after he hit a home run last night. Tony V. has really instilled some class into that outfit.

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I saw an interview with TV about his team and recruiting.
He said to compete with the Arkansas, LSU, OM and MSU’'s in recruiting he had to instill some cockiness and swagger in the team, because he knew he couldn’t compete facility-wise against them.

Ole Miss game with Arizona delayed by rain but is supposed to start at 3:20.

Shame they both can’t lose.

Ole Miss and Florida both in weather delays.

LSU up 4-1 on USM in the 4gh

Oregon State up 1-0 on Vandy in the 4th

Auburn up 9-3 on UCLA

Auburn advanced. It beat UCLA 11-3

LSU went to the bullpen in the fourth and promptly gave back two runs of that lead. 4-3 mid-4th

USM now leads 5-4 in the 7th.

Arizona came back to tie the Rebnecks 5-5 in the 5th

Florida up 2-1 on OU in the seventh.

Molester State leading Vandy 6-5 in the 6th

UNC up 4-1 on VCU in the second.

Usm now up 7-4

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