Other Saturday Super Regionals

T6 E Carolina 6 Tea Sippers 2

B5 Va Tech 9 Mobilehoma 5

B1 Viles 1 Notre Dame 0

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Vile fans being checked entering the stadium being checked for golf balls and mustard bottles…. :wink:


As they should be.

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This ND pitcher had nothing for Tenn. looks like batting practice. Tenn up 6/0 in 5th

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This one is over.

Texas ties the game in bottom 8. A double play ball earlier in the inning richocheted off the pitcher into right field and next batter homered

Tennessee will bring Albertos Gibertas off the bench if needed.

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:joy: :joy: :joy:

UConn is spanking Stanford 11 -4 in the 4th I believe their super plays the winner of our super in the CWS. Those dudes can hit the ball!! they have 8 extra base hits already and 14 overall.Knocked out Stanford ace in the second.

Auburn 7-5 over Oregon State final

UConn 13-6 bottom of the 9 th.

Stanford hit four home runs in the bottom of the 9 th but end up losing 13-12 that was wild because they hit two home runs in the bottom of the 9 th to even get to the supers

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Watched a bit of Auburn vs. Oregon State. The first inning State drove in 4 runs and the Auburn pitcher threw about 40 pitches. He was pulled and Auburn went on to win 6-4. Auburn scored 4 runs in the first also. Crazy. I had to root for Auburn. Can’t ever root for the molesters as Jeff would say.

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