Other conference tournaments

Virginia is thumping Notre Dame. Irish will not make the ACC tournament semifinals. Semis are Duke vs. Virginia and NC State vs. Georgia Tech, but no bid thieves there.

Big 12 got rained out last night so they’re playing four games today. Texass is in an elimination game tonight against the Okie Lite-WVU loser.

Fairfield beat Canisius this morning 8-2. Now they have to beat Rider twice, this afternoon and tomorrow. If they don’t, Rider is a bid thief.

Fairfield lost, that’s a bid stealer from someone.

I think the bid will be stolen from Fairfield. Maybe I’m wrong, but I have a hard time seeing Fairfield as an at-large.

I think they’re in. There have been at large teams from bad conferences before, IIRC, with much worse records than 36-3.

But there has never been an at-large team that went 36-3 playing only games against a lower-tier conference. Usually teams like that have played some good competition out of conference to beef up the strength of schedule. Fairfield’s SOS is 126.

Maybe the tournament selection committee says that record is good enough, but I think I’d let in borderline teams from several conferences that allowed out-of-league games before I’d let in Fairfield.

You could be right, but it’s not Fairfield’s fault that their league banned NC games because of COVID. All you can do is win the games you get to play, and they did. ACC limited NC games; Notre Dame has only played four games outside the ACC and nobody’s saying they don’t deserve an at-large bid, which they will get considering they’re out of the ACC tournament,

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