Otey announcement live

Cecil Joyce of The Daily News Journal live streaming the announcement.

https://www.dnj.com/story/sports/high-s … 743783002/


He just chose Southern California

Richard are you at all surprised by his flip?

Hope he enjoys probation, because USC seems to be on it every 2 or 3 years.

Not really. Felt like he was trending that way.

Not Richard but have heard from a person or two I know in the area that seem to indicate he had some outside forces pushing him towards USC… When I saw De’Jon Harris‘s post from yesterday about how he’s going to counsel his little brother that once he makes a commitment to honor it made me think it was a done deal he was flipping

Not surprised at all,
We have a solid DB class already. Look for Adonis in the transfer portal in a couple of years, while we will already have a couple of All SEC type starting DB’s playing from this class.

Shamar Nash’s tweet is priceless…
https://twitter.com/shamar2tymez/status … 53284?s=21

Hadn’t thought about this until now but hope he wasn’t referring to LK although I don’t think he was publicly committed to anyone…who knows?

For what it’s worth, Trey Biddy just said Lakia was Ole Miss. another AR guy just tweeted, “All I can say is Ole Mi$$ y’all.”

well then that is obviously what he meant.

“Shamar Nash’s tweet is priceless…”
https://twitter.com/shamar2tymez/status … 53284?s=21

Another example of social media being the end of civilization

It’s almost as bad as digging up old news.

The same folks (or singular) who drag back these threads must drive around their car in reverse, using their rear-view mirror.

Plenty of good things to talk about that are current.