OT: You wonder why newspapers are hurting?

I am interested in running an ad in the Dem-Gaz (no, not one of those bull crap “fire he coach” ads, a legitimate business ad). I can’t find ad rates on line. I have called the Dem-Gaz 3 times over the last week, no one ever answers their phone, and no one ever returns my phone call. Kind of hard to make money selling advertising if you won’t talk to people who want to run an ad!

Contact Scott Stine - sstine@arkansasonline.com or 501-378-3558.

I’ll give it a shot!

That worked! Thank you Matt!!!

Still, the point remains . . . that if a bona fide advertiser comes to a newspaper’s website looking to place an ad and cannot find out the information he/she needs online, and then does not get messages left returned . . . well, that’s a problem.

A link to this advertising page is available on every page on the ADG website, which is where I pulled Scott’s information from: http://adv.arkansasonline.com/

I appreciate the help. That said, the only human I ever talked to (before today) told me I needed to talk to “retail advertising” I have been calling those numbers, no answer, no call back.

What if you do not have access nor the desire to go on line? Those people are still out there. In my business this is what we live for:
The only time I have your undivided attention is when I call you! think about it. I may not be in a position to listen when you call me back, answer the phone, the next Sam Walton might be calling!