OT...WOW.....@Macau Grand Prix


Good Lord!
Did she not know there was a corner?
Throttle stuck open?

Throttle had to been stuck.

Story on ESPN.com says she bumped into another car at full speed approaching the corner, which damaged the car and she was unable to slow down, launched over the curb and another car.

Amazing she’s still alive. True miracle.

I’ve been there. Once your tires leave the ground in an open wheel car you are a passenger. I’d like to see the run in to that corner but that’s scary anytime. And she is a talented youngster.

Goodness that was scary, and blink of an eye it’s over. Thank god she missed that pole to her right.
So glad she & spectators still alive but broken spine means full parapalegic I guess.

No a broken spine does not mean any paralysis necessarily.

People get spinal fractures often.
The issue is whether there is any spinal CORD injury.

Gotcha, thanks, sure hope that’s the case for that young lady.

Not necessarily. May not have neurological damage at all. Broken vertebrae do not necessarily cause paralysis, weakness, shooting pain or numbness. It’s also possible that she does have that kind of injury, but we just don’t know yet.