OT - Wondering what others are doing for hair cuts?

My wife buzz cuts mine and has been for years, with a Remington trimmer. I tell her she’s the prettiest barber I’ve ever had and pay her to boot! She saves up her “stash” until she has enough to send to the grandkids…

My girlfriend has offered me some of her ribbons for my future braids or pony tail. Just need to decide on the right color.

welcome back to the “Buzz Cut” hair doo for men or women. Easy, quick, and low maintenance.



I’ve been getting my hair cut every 5 weeks for years (and basically the same cut.) It starts looking scraggly about the time I’m due for a cut, which was to have been today. It’s time to brush the “sideburns” back behind my ears and let it grow. I do like to wear hats and that might be the best solution.

That’s the way to go.

My hair started thinning a number of years ago but finally got so thin I just started using a 1/2 buzzer all over the top and a 1 on the beard. I trim it every couple weeks. I’d look better if I did it every week but that doesn’t happen.

Looking good Mar te’ !

Thanks, but that was a few years ago.

we are on as strict socail contact forbiddence as it gets and you can call and make an appointment, wait outside and have the person cutting call you in and keep your 6 foot barrier inside. That is if the shop is open, formal wording here is shelter in no ban on essentials at your discretion. I am bored having been x’d out of 2 fishing trips, one in FL and one in MX, so I am headed to Reelfoot for a local adventure that is still open. Curious to see the rules set out, but Covid is not rampant in Tiptonville as a matter of fact zero cases reported. Probably will set my daughter and wife off, but it should be an isolated trip. You can get your hair cut in Williamson County TN, not sure about Davidson which is what Nashville is. Maintain separation and hand washing, masks preferred.

I have been buzz cutting my hair and beard for many years. I saw no reason to pay someone to because that is what they were doing anyway. But I don’t have much hair left anyway.

Flow-bee, baby!


I just tie a bandana around my bald head and let what’s grown out…hanging out the back.with the beard I have…been stopped in airports(in the day)with kids asking if I was part of "Duck Dynasty"or a member of ZZTop

Was on 5-6 week hair cut program for don’t know how long. Normally I’m a little grouchy in mornings but now it’s quite amusing to look in the mirror 1st thing in the morning.

Funny thing I’d been doing my own haircuts (clippers with a #4 guide) for a couple of years but started going to the barber shop when I got back to Arkansas in January. Got a cut just before everything shut down. If this persists I’ll get the #4 guide back out. I would let Mom do it but I see how her hand shakes. No thanks…

sounds like you’re a Forrest Gump wannabe :smile:

Nashville (Davidson County) is pretty much shut down as well but I’m not overly self-conscious (not saying anyone else is) so I can either let it fly or cut it myself for a month or so or 3 if that’s the case. Again, another LEAST OF MY CONCERNS subjects.

Order it online. And I imagine they’ll be some new, interesting hair styles coming forth.

I’m a 4-5 week cut guy. Guess I might be a pony tail guy if this goes very long.

Please post a picture if it comes to that…by then we’ll need a laugh!