OT - Wondering what others are doing for hair cuts?

I needed a hair cut when the barber shops were closed down here in Little Rock. I have been looking at “do it yourself” hair cutting kits on Amazon and they range from $23 to $200. I like my hair, when cut, to be about 2" long on top and 1" long on sides. I can see if you want it short and the same length all over that this might not be too hard. Not sure about a slightly longer cut.

There seems to be a wide range of opinions on here about everything so I am hoping for some knowledgeable guidance. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t seem to have that problem much anymore LOL I’m just trying to take care of what little I have :slight_smile:

I thought about just shaving it off but I hear that gets old having to shave it again almost every day.

One of the few benifits from getting older is hair is much less important and I wish I had lost all but did lose most of my hair.

I’m just going to let my freak flag fly. Also, have not shaved since the stay at home order was given. So, I’ll have six weeks of hair and beard by the 30th.

Yeah I’m mostly bald in the back, have some on top but is receding and thinning every year, started losing my hair back in my late 20s and little by little it’s disappearing… but I get hair trims now instead of haircuts.

Yeah, I’m an every 3 week haircut guy, and was suppose to get one that Friday. I told my kids I was going back to my high school days in the 70’s, lol.

Order a Wahl hair trimming kit from Walmart or Kohl’s.
You can purchase for as little as $20-$30 and get everything you need to do the job.
Most sets will include 8-10 guide combs that allow for multiple cutting lengths.
I’ve been cutting my own hair for many years now and it takes about 15 minutes.
I will usually get my wife to check the back of my head to ensure I didn’t miss anything.
Just do it and you’ll save hundreds of dollars per year that you can spend on other things you enjoy.

  1. Put bowl on head.
  2. Cut all hair sticking out from bowl.

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Umm, post a pic and we’ll decide how good you’ve been doing, lol.

Same here. It has been 4 weeks and probably will be 4 more weeks.

Pretty soon, we’ll be feathering it back :flushed:

I waited too late. They are sold out everywhere. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I had three weeks of beard. But cut it last night. Too scratchy. I’ll start a new growth. The hair might be problematic. But it doesn’t really matter what we look like right now. My wife is not going to leave me at this point. After 41 years, my hair is not really what is keeping her around.


Me and my wife have cut what little hair I have remaining for years. Easy with a gar and clippers. I’ve kept it really short for a long, long time. My beard is much longer…

Funny story…My Uncle Bill basically became my dad when dad passed in the early 90’s. He lived in Florida but we talked weekly and he was my trusted source for business and life advice. During one conversation I told Uncle Bill I had something bothering me that I could only tell him. He said sure son it will just be between us. I proceeded to tell him that I had been sleeping with my hairdresser for a long, long time. There was a long pause and he replied “Hell son I’ve been sleeping with mine too for over 40 years…your Aunt Pat”. He then said I know you’re talking about Suzi and if you’re not I’m coming down an whip your __. We laughed about that for years. He left this world last October. His final words to me was “Love you Danny”.

PS - there was never a bigger Hog fan than Bill. He was at the Ole Miss/Arkansas game in 1960 where the Rebs were given a FG to win 10-7 that everyone knew was bad. Even the Ole Miss players were beating the ground when they saw it go wide. Then the ref raised his arms. Uncle Bill talked about that game a lot. Miss him.

I haven’t had mine cut in probably six weeks. It looks terrible, so I’m wearing a hat most days. I texted my dad the other day and asked if he would be willing to pull his Flowbee out and give me a cut when this dies down a bit.

That is what the wife is for. she has been doing it for at least 20 yrs and she tells me when and I respond like I do to everything, “Yes Dear.”

When I begin to look like a Q-tip, I shave my head.

There’s usually some blood-letting that goes along with it.

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I hung on to the clippers I used in the desert and my wife gave me a hair cut last week. The way to ensure your wife continues to cut your hair is don’t complain! “ Yes Dear” as someone else mentioned is key! It’s really no
Big deal!

Let it grow, let it flow. I’m going wild and wooly. If I’m going to be forced to live like cave man, I’m going to look like one!

I’m going to have to work out a deal where they charge me a dollar per minute I would come out saving about $5 I believe LOL. I get charged $13(superclips)since I’m a senior citizen just turning 60 but I always leave a $3 tip but they’re through in about 8-10 minutes :slight_smile::slight_smile: