OT - Wife and I having surgery today

I would appreciate it if you could find a moment to pray for us.

Thank you


Praying for y’all :pray:


Prayers and blessings @gentryrzrbk

Prayers sent.



Praying :pray:

Sure gentry. Prayers for you and your wife!!

You got this, brother.


Both of you? Wow. Of course. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for y’all.

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You got it. Hope you have someone helping you guys when you get home.

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Prayers for peace, a good report and rehab.

Yes indeed, prayers for you & your wife for restoration of health and peace through out!! WPS

Prayers lifted.

Prayers sent up sir….sorry to hear both of you going through a surgery at same time as I am sure that can’t be easy!!! :pray:t2:

Praying now.

Prayers sent.

Prayers on the way…