OT- Who's your NBA Team?

I’m a Portland Trailblazer guy and am loving Dame owning Westbrook. Dame is such and underrated player, leader.

Man, if we hadn’t have lost Nurk we would be legitimate contenders this year.

Sadly, I still follow the Phoenix Suns a little bit. I’m a holdover from the Steve Nash era. He was far and away my favorite player growing up and someone I tried to model my game after in school.

Celtics for a long long time. Since the Russell era. Jo jo white, anyone remember him? Satch Sanders. Way way back. Always had to beat the knicks usually to get to the finals to play lakers w west and Baylor. The chamberlain russel matchups were awesome.

I’m a Celtic fan as well, from the first time I ever saw an NBA game on an old, small black and white TV in around 1959 or so.

I’m not a long term fan of any NBA “Team”. I’m a moving fan of player(s) who are on specific NBA team(s). Mostly those players are ex-Razorback players. The one exception to that was when I lived in Ft. Lauderdale and Boca Raton (19 years). Our attorneys had multiple great tickets to the Heat and we could have a couple most anytime we wanted them. This dates back to the Ronnie Seikaly years. I was also a Bulls fan (Jordan, then later, Portis) during those years in Florida.

My teams now are the Wizards (Portis) and the Clippers (Beverley). The only team I hate right now is Golden St.

New York Knicks. Don’t say anything. I know.

San Antonio. As a teenager I’d sit on my bed doing my homework with the radio on and the only basketball I could pick up on winter nights was the Spurs on WOAI-AM in the ABA days. Yes, that included the Hogs; no stations in my part of the state carried Hog basketball yet. I’ve been a Spurs fan ever since.

I was a Milwaukee Bucks fan when Sidney Moncrief played there. After he retired, I rooted for the Chicago Bulls (I know, I know. Yes, I was a front-runner, though I liked Scottie Pippen and Steve Kerr a lot). I rooted for the Spurs when David Robinson was there. Now, I’m an OKC Thunder fan.

I’ve been to two games at OKC, including the heart-breaker in Durant’s last season with them when Steph Curry pulled up from about 40 feet to drain a 3 to win it at the final buzzer (after the Thunder led the entire game). I remember walking out with my stunned and heart-broken sons. When we got to the hotel, they both said they hated losing but that shot by Curry was amazing.

The other game was much happier: A playoff game later that season when the Thunder beat the Spurs. That was a two-fer: I got to see Tim Duncan play before he retired.

Showtime Lakers in the 80s
Michael Jordan’s Bulls in the 90s
Phoenix Suns in the 2000s (I lived in PHX metro for several years)

I dont follow the NBA now. Really soured on it.

I lived in San Antonio for several years and the fans made me despise everthing Spurs. As bad as Texas or Ole Piss fans.

My wife worked at the Hyatt Hill Country resort as a chef. Said the Spurs players were simply awesome people. Repectful, generous and kind.

Loved the Gervin-era Spurs. Always have had a soft spot for the Spurs. They do things right. Rudy’s Rockets too.

Enjoyed Golden State’s rise until it got ridiculous. Now it is nice to see anybody give them a game.

If the players just go through the motions in most games and don’t play hard until the end, maybe, I can’t stand to watch it. I might watch the playoffs finals, maybe. Even when they care about the outcome, it is a repititious game where over and over most of the team stands around while one or two players play street ball against each other. The lack of caring on their part and the lack of creativity in most games makes the greatest athletes in the world…boring. I have no favorites. I hate them all.

Celtics since the 1960s

As a kid I learned to hate the Celtics because they always won. There would only be about one NBA game on TV a week and it was always the Celtics. I’m an underdog guy if my team is not playing.

I loved the NY Knicks of the early '70’s. Willis Reed, Clyde Frazier, Bradley, DeBussere (sp?), Earl Monroe. Someone other than the Celtics finally won!

Like many others here I became a fan of the Bucks because of Sidney and followed them hard during those years. They came close but couldn’t overcome the Celtics and Sixers, then the Pistons in the east, nor the Lakers in the west.

I look back on the Bird Celtics and Magic Lakers with great fondness even though I didn’t care for either team back then. Bird and Magic were crazy good.

I rooted for MJ when he was drafted by the Bulls because he was the underdog (hard to imagine now but he started his career in Bird’s and Magic’s shadow). Then when they drafted Pippen I became a fan and pulled for them through all six of their championships.

Today I don’t really have a favorite but love the Spurs (Popavich!) and Warriors because of the way they play. Great team play. Lots of great passing and shooting. I’m really impressed with how they built a great team at Golden State before Durant joined the team. Now they’re just stacked and shouldn’t lose, but they still are fun to watch… Pace and Space.

Celtics, but really don’t follow it much anymore. It’s so hyped and scripted. I find nothing genuine in it anymore.

Grew up a 76ers fan when they had Dr. J, then when he retired I sort of drifted until the Bulls started to heat up.

For the past 10-15 years I have pulled for the Spurs. I love NBA playoff basketball, but there is no team I’m truly passionate about.

I grew up listening to NBA on the radio…the St. Louis Hawks and Bob Petit and Lenny Wilkins on KMOX. I was a Wilt Chamberlain fan when he was with the Philadelphia Warriors, then San Francisco Warriors and now Golden State Warriors. I hated the Celtics because they had an all-star at every position. Wilt would score 50 and get 25 rebounds and the papers would talk about the great defense Bill Russell played on him. I wanted to punch that cigar down Red Auerbach’s throat.

I later became a Jerry West fan. That guy was incredible and the best clutch player I have ever seen. West and Elgin Baylor were the Lakers after they moved to LA.

Today, I don’t even watch the NBA. The teams aren’t even important…it is the individual. The game is so commercial that it lost me.

Celtics in the Russell/Havlicek years.

But I’ve not watched a minute of the NBA in years. It does not interest me at all.

How red aurbach got Larry bird changed the rules. Brilliant at the time. He outsmarted them all.

Was born in Springfield, Oregon and was a sprite 10 year-old Lad when we won the NBA Championship. It was literally my first big time great sporting feeling ever. One of the kids on my elementary school team was the nephew of Bobby Gross and we got to hang out with the team a bunch. It was a glorious time. Rip City and Blazer Mania took over the Pacific Northwest and i could name stats of most players in the NBA back then and tell you anything you want to know about the Blazer players. My favorite Blazer ever back then was Lionel “The Train” Hollins.

Im sure you remember that team as well.

In the late 60’s, early 70’s I was a NY Knick fan. Loved Clyde Frazier, Earl the Pearl, Dave DeBusschere,Willis Reed. Met Dr J in his Early days and have been a 76er fan ever since. Been hard last few years. Still think the 83 Sixers were one of the all time best teams. Fo- Fo Fo says Moses Malone. Went 4-5-4.