OT: Who is watching Ted Lasso

My daughter Sarah turned us on to Ted Lasso comedy (I guess) on AppleTV. We devoured season one just before season two began.

Who is reminded of Houston Nutt by Lasso’s character?

Are you enjoying the show?

Jean Ann and I are excited for every new episode. The humor is definitely locker room. So it’s not for all. But we have enjoyed most of it.

I’ve watched them all. Think it’s great. My wife loves it which is not normal for a sports show but it’s really not about sports as much as personalities and life.

I’ve seen Muss tweet about it and he seems to be a big fan. Pretty good endorsement!

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Love the show. Yes, In the family we have talked about resemblance to Houston. One if the best shows around. Also, being a fan of Premier League, makes it even more enjoyable.

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I really enjoy Ted Lasso. Funny, uplifting and irreverent all at the same time. Coach Lasso is HDN without the ego.

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Can you imagine Houston bringing biscuits that he baked to Frank every Monday morning? Of note, Danny Ford did bake bread in his office, but I don’t know that he ever shared it with Frank.

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