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Clay, with the Buffalo shutting down, I’m curious about changes along the white river. What are you noticing? I don’t fish much but curious what business and recreational life is like over by you.

I was over there near Cotter last Thursday and there were quite a few people, particularly families, on the river fishing. It was spring break week so that makes some sense.

The problem with the BNP was all of the crowds at the trailheads, not really so much on the river.

This isn’t Clay, but I live in Cotter, along the Wildcat Shoals portion of the White River. There are boats on the water and things seem to be as usual. The resort office right down the road from us has stayed open. I haven’t talked to any guide services, but it looks to me like there has not been much of a slow down in the fishing. At least not where I live.

It was busy spring break. But it’s thinned out this week. Guess people ran out of money. I fished 1 hour 3 days this week. Area I fish has little traffic. I can launch my kayak with no one around and find a gravel bar all by myself. Have to get wife to help with shuttle. I did not do that this week. Just stood near bank below a public access.

Guides are out there but most have had lot of cancellations in the best part of year. This is the caddis hatch and fish are feeding.

You will need a boat. Flows are moderate and will soon be heavy. Low water might be hard to find except when we get a heavy rain.

If you are fly fishing, I can help you find great guides. Bait folks can find one, too. I’m just no help there.

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