OT What's your stats?

BTW do you know the meaning of each category? When Clay said I was close to 100,00 posts I still didn’t know what he was talking about, sorry…

Where do you find all of that?

Easy stuff, but not well know on this board I bet. No training classes I guess.

Click on your Icon like “JD” is on yours coloradohog or Jim I think. You may need to click on it twice. Then that page takes you to a page with different options and click on Summary. Click around Jim and try some “investigative reporting” LOL


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Found it, thanks. I have spent a lot of time here it seems.

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Are these stats from date we changed to new format few years ago? Says Im member since Aug 2019, which in reality I have been since 2006 or so. Not that it matters, JW.

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how many iterations of HI do the stats cover, this is the latest but is not long established for many of us who are now old just by board years.

Important stats to me: how many midges have you tied, how many nymphs have you tied?

A nymph is an aquatic bug fished sub surface. It is not a mermaid or anything else some of you non fly tyers will imagine.

There are dry fly fishers and nymphers. Rarely does someone do both well. We don’t have much dry fly fishing on our tailwaters so I’m a nympher.

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