OT...........What is the name of the bar in NYC

That has been talked about alot on here? Like a alumni bar or Hog fans hang out there?

Thanks in advance

From the NYC Chapter’s facebook page, it looks like they meet at a place called Gatsby’s. I remember seeing another place talked about a few years back, but not sure if they’ve moved, or the other place is still open.


The previous place is Hurley’s Pub. It’s on 46th Street just west of Broadway. Neat place with good food and atmosphere.

Went in Hurley’s a few years back and they had a Hog hat hanging behind the bar… played dumb and asked a kid working there what was up with the red pig hat? He said oh it’s the mascot for some college team in Minnesota and some of their fans come here to watch games!:joy:

Petra and I loved Hurley’s when we went there when Arkansas was playing in the tournament in Brooklyn.

Very Soprano-ish feel to it. Pretty close to the Rockefeller Center.

They had a closet full of Arkansas stuff that they said they brought out during Arkansas fan events there.

A review of Hurley’s website shows that it is still affiliated in some way with the U of A Alumni Association as well.


went there when we played Rutgers. Nice place, does have a hog hat behind the bar.