OT-We use Hulu in Little Rock. The local ABC channel 7 is no longer ----

-------- available on our Hulu feed. Anyone else having this problem?

Dunno, I have dish and Fox is no longer available.

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Hulu is in a carriage dispute with Sinclair, the parent company of KATV.

Thanks Matt. We are going to wait until next week to decide whether to go back to YoutubeTV. I like YoutubeTV channel guide tons better than Hulu, but Hulu has “Murders in the Building” and “History of the World Part Two” so I am hoping they get this resolved. We have a little antenna that gets all of the local channels with great reception so we can see our ABC shows fine on one TV.

We use a digital antenna. You will be surprised at what is available using one in Little Rock.

Having YoutubeTV doesn’t exclude you from receiving Hulu. If you have a typical Smart TV, the widget for Hulu is probably available on the set itself; all you need to do is supply your account information and you can watch it there, without YoutubeTV, Dish, cable or anything. If for some reason your set does not have the native ability to connect to a Hulu account, buy a cheap ($25) Roku connection/remote and you can access it that way.

We have a Disney bundle that includes Hulu, ESPN-Plus and Disney-Plus. I think we pay about $16/month for it.

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AT&T digital streaming got into a contract dispute with the owner of the local Fox channel in Little Rock last fall right after football season started. Still has not been resolved. Downloaded the Fox Sports app and could watch games on IPAD.

Yes, I put up a digit antenna on one of my smart TV’s and now can get around 30 channels. I’m in LR.

Yep. I have DirecTV and have been using digital antenna for local Fix channel. Brilliant picture.

I was told years ago that over the air HD pictures are the best quality, because they don’t have to be compressed to be “piped” to thousands of consumers, as cable and satellite providers must. And from my own viewing experience, that is correct.

Now, I’m not sure if any 4K content is available over the air…but for standard HD, an old-school antennae is the best!

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We don’t plan to pay for both streaming services. That would put us back to paying Comcast rates for TV and they are almost identical in their channels so there is little benefit to having both. We just have to weigh the pros and cons of each and pick one to go with. If Hulu is going to have its hissy fit with Sinclair Media to be permanent, that will probably decide it for us.

If the shows on Hulu are Hulu specific content you can get Hulu without the live TV version for around $6 or so… all the other programming is there, just not the live tv/guide.

Thanks. I did not know that. So, I can get YoutubeTV with ALL of my local channels and the better guide setup and add all of Hulu without their local channels for only $6 more. That may be perfect for us. That is great news.

Yes, Hogmodo…this is what I was talking about in my prior response. It’s just a stand-alone “channel” that you can get for around $10-15/mo (depending on if you want to pay a little more to have no ads). This can be accessed in many ways NOT involving the full Hulu + live TV package you apparently have.

As I mentioned, you can use the Hulu Widget on your smart TV, or on a Roku device to access the service.

Look at these options (Base and Bundle): Hulu

I’m on the verge of cutting the cord and going to YouTube TV. Which has nothing to do with this thread i suppose. But Sinclair broadcasting was mentioned. KATV is owned by Sinclair and the local ABC affiliate is owned by Sinclair. Our local station (Chattanooga) was our station of choice for almost 25 years but I’m fed up with them and have moved to the NBC affiliate for local news/weather/sports. Apparently the local Sinclair folks have issues finding and keeping on air talent. Folks that have been there for years have quit and moved into local jobs out of broadcasting. They fired their sports director and now do not have one and hardly do any sports. That guy was with the local station for decades and when to the CBS affiliate here. They fired one meteorologist and only have 3 now when the other local stations have 4. It’s a shell of its former self. My question to those who are familiar with KATV (Sinclair broadcasting too) are they doing the same things? Apparently from local reports Sinclair has downsized across the board in the last year.

The Little Rock Sinclair ABC Channel 7 moved to a new building and appears to be paying for it by hiring low cost reporters. They have four new ones and each seems clueless, poor presentation on air, basically reading off their cell phones instead of looking into the camera and reporting to the viewer. They do 60 seconds of sports at 5:00 and not much more than that when they come back at 6:00. Big on chitchat and light on news and sports. Their top people are pretty good but a big drop off at the lower level people.

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The reporters here at the Sinclair station typically stay about 2 months and move on. Most are right out of college. And they do the same. Read off their phones. The quality of the News product gets a D+ score from me.