OT. Verizon 5g

Anyone got any skinny on the use of Verizon 5g.

All I know is my game cameras on Verizon suck

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My Xfinity- Comcast was out this weekend with only recorded messages. I wanted to try Verizon but our neighborhood is not yet in their area. I guess I will go with ATT now that Comcast has given me further motivation for a change.

I’m currently working on infinity but costs continue to climb. Reception good on 5g seems a bit more cumbersome. Think with time I’ll figure it out. Working with roku for non smart tvs. Saving 100/month if we go to 5g

Verizon dug up my front yard a few years back to place 5G cable but they have never offered it to my neighborhood.

I’m in area where the 5g is wireless. So far haven’t experienced any real problems. Have a 30 day “free trial”

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