OT- Update

Big week this week for me.

Wednesday- colonoscopy
Thursday- MRI on my neck and a health overall check up.
Next week MRI to see if one knee can be scoped and buy me some time. Knee replacement on the other one and JUST hang on as long as I can.

Didn’t get good news on my PSA last week as my number jumped. I will be talking to my urologist, Mark Hewett to seeks advice on even having the procedure Wednesday or come see him right away. My biopsy was benign last time so I was given the OK to proceed with all or this other stuff. Well it takes awhile to get these scheduled. Waiting on these time came for another PSA. Those numbers didn’t turn out good. Do me a favor and get that PSA checked regularly.

Thoughts and prayers would be appreciated. I know it’s just been me coming on here every 3 month with updates. I hit my head today and 3 days ago. Right knee gave way a few days ago and down to the ground I went. The top part of my knee slipped every so slightly off the lower part of my knee and boom another fall…

As an example typing this out has my unstable neck hurting off the charts. And a lighting bolt going down the left shoulder, elbow, and hand… Not crying just giving an example of what I live with every day.

Hang in there buddy… hope all goes well.

Dang, 339–I thought I had problems! I’ll stop worrying about mine and start worrying about yours.

Thanks for the reply’s guys.

I hate to admit it but a little scared.

I haven’t been out of the house very much for about 3 months.

This sounds silly but I take a shower and I’m worn out.

My son is after me to get some leg strength. I bought and above ground pool 9’ X 18’ That low impact exercise did not help period.

I tried everything. It only wore me out. Cut it down to only using mr legs. That didn’t help it all. Just knocked me out til 5pm or so the next day.

People all around me may have worse problems than me. Brenda works nights and get home about midnight.

I’m a talker so I’m typing to talk to somebody. Testing my faith. Trying to hang in there.

Sorry for leaning on HI shoulder. Keep me in your thoughts if you think about it.

I’m actually getting several text’s about our new coach. From what I’m being told there is a lot more interest in our job that I every realized.

It’s important to me but all this TRUMPS a coaching search.

Hang in there! Prayer for you.

Bless you and prayers for better days ahead.

Prayers and blessings buddy. This aging thing is not for the weak at heart. You have a lot of friends here. Keep us updated.

339- do some research on stem cell therapy. 2 of my friends have done it with great success. Looking at it for my other knee. 2 replacements and a revision on one knee and I am looking at other options. They used their own cells. Worth a look.